Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16, 2010 - I'm Finally Here!

Howdy family and friends! How are all of you today? I hope you're all doing fine. I am. So it's been a whole week here at the MTC now! So far, I like it a lot! It's a very different environment, but it's full of awesome missionaries, teachers, and of course the Spirit. I don't have much time to e-mail right now, so I'll be quick.
      So, after I was dropped off very quickly by the curb, I officially began to be immersed in the MTC experience. I checked in, got my nametag, and eventually went to my classroom to meet my district and companion. My district consists of 12 of us elders and we're all going to Romania. There are only us and 3 others in another district in the whole MTC going to Romania! Cool huh. Anyways, I also met my language and gospel teachers Brother Miles and Irion. They are so cool and help us so much because they served in Romania. I figured out quick that everyday here is so busy. We spend so much time in class learning Romanian and Preach My Gospel principles. After a week in, I can already pray and bear my testimony in Romanian! That's how much and how fast you learn a language here in the MTC. It's so amazing.
      My companion's name is Elder Fonnesbeck and he is from Oakland, California. He went to BYU for his freshman year like I did. He's a great guy. He and I, as well as my district, really get along well and love being here. It is a challenging place to be, but It's so good.  I need it to be ready to serve in Romania. So everyday besides Thursday and Sunday consist of breakfast, class, lunch, class, gym time, class, dinner, more class, and different types of study times: personal, companionship, and MDT (Missionary Directed Time) So yeah, lots of class. Thursday is my P-day, which consists of going to the temple, prep and study time, and laundry time, as well as a few hours of class. It's so much fun.  Sundays are also a change of pace, with Sacrament meetings, priesthood meeting, a district meeting, and a fireside.  Tuesdays are devotional days, so I'm looking forward to hearing from apostles! This last Tuesday, I heard from Brother and Sister Richards, who used to be the mission president for the England, Manchester mission I think. It was a great message about discovering our purpose as missionaries.
    I've seen some friendly faces that I know here, including Elders: Rowley, Perry, Hagee, Jones, and other friends from BYU I met. It's great to see them around sometimes. Meals are ok here. I try not to eat too much. Gym time is fun time. It's always fun to go outside and run or talk with my district about things. I've felt the Spirit so strongly here, because everything I do here, I devote to the Lord. It's kinda a tough adjustment at first, but I'm adjusted and so far, I enjoy it here!  I've really learned what it really means to invite the Spirit every single day and to put my mind into something meaningful.  I've learned Romanian quite well so far, and it's really fun to learn. We also, as a district, have begun teaching lessons out of Preach My Gospel (lesson 1) to "investigators" who are actually just volunteers. It's still a good experience though, as it helps my testimony grow even more and gives me excellent teaching experience and gives me a chance to really connect to how they feel. That's the important thing about teaching: not just reciting a lesson, but putting yourself in their shoes and adjusting your lesson to their needs.  I love it here.
    Well, my time is out, so I gotta go. Thanks so much for all your support and letters. Keep those letters coming! I appreciate them. I'll talk to y'all later! La revedere (goodbye)!!

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