Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two Down - Seven to Go!

Howdy Y'all! Uh, I mean, Buna Ziua! Ce faci? Eu fac foarte bine!
     So that thar's a little Romanian for y'all. It basically means hi, how are you, I am very well. So anyways, how are you all? Doing well everybody? I am. I hope all of you family and friends are doing swell. I really appreciate those of you who write me and encourage those who haven't to do so. Mail time is one of the day's highlights here. When you're in the MTC for 9 weeks, you really appreciate letters a lot more it seems...imagine that.
     So yeah, I still am loving it here. I'm basically adjusted to the schedule and what not. I love my district so bad. They are so awesome and we have so much fun learning Romanian and Gospel stuff. Oh yeah, and we also feel the Spirit every single day. That is something special I think. I really am becoming a better teacher here too.  We have what is called the TRC (teaching resource center) and the TEC (teaching experience center, i think) which are basically opportunities to teach mock investigators. The TRC focuses on getting to know somebody (while only speaking Romanian) and then teaching that same person a lesson out of Preach My Gospel (in English for the first 4 weeks, then Romanian for the last 4 weeks). There is a given scenario and background for each person and it changes every week. It's great as it gives my companion and I much needed experience. The TEC is a place where we also teach a mock investigator, but it is the same person every week and he or she either progresses or digresses based on our preparation and teaching experience.  So far, my comp. and I have done the first 2 lessons with "Steve" at the TEC.  He seems to be interested and is keeping some of the commitments we extend to him. It's pretty cool.  It's like the real deal, as it's always the same person that we go back and follow up on and teach.
    Apart from teaching, the learning and growing is going well for me. I can bear my testimony and pray all in Romanian, and we have learned past tense, present tense, future tense, using direct objects, lots of vocabulary, etc. It's really fun. We get force-fed lots of new langauge concepts, but I think we need that cuz we're only here for 2 months. We  have large group meetings once a week where we hear somebody give a lesson and take notes. Every Sunday there is a fireside and every Tuesday night there is a devotional. So far, I've heard Gordon Brown last Sunday fireside(who is a district pres. here) and Elder Paul Johnson last Tuesday devotional (member of the quorum of the seventy).  Both were awesome talks. They both spoke about our potential as missionaries as well as gaining spiritual knowledge. They were so packed, but worth it!
    Gospelly, spiritual stuff aside, it's so much fun here. We always do stuff during gym as a district (such as 4 square, which is actually really fun for some reason), sit together during meals, and go to the temple in the morning every P-day, which was today! I love the Provo temple. I've been there twice now for endowment sessions and it's a good place to be. We also do temple walks every Sunday afternoon and I had the awesome opporunity to take pictures with Elders Truman Rowley, Keith Perry, Billy Hagee, and Austin Jones--best BYU friends! Elder Rowley leaves this Monday for Chile! It's been great seeing him and the rest of my friends here. I'm also excited to see Elder Zach Andreasen come in here next Wednesday. I hope to see him around. He'll like it here.
     Lets see, that just about does it for today. I can't think of any funny anecdotes or experiences quite yet, but I'll be thinking. My time is running out on the computer here, so I guess I'll type out my testimony in Romanian for y'all. Here goes: Eu stiu cu Demnezeu este tatal nostru ceresc, si cu noi suntem copii lui, si cu Isus Hristos este Salvatorul nostru, si cu familile este eterna, si cu Evanghelia binecuventeaza familii, si cu Joseph Smith a fost un prfet adevarat, in numele lui Isus Hristos, amin.  Tah dah!!! Well, I gotta go now. So ya'll keep doing well and write me Please! I hope you are all doing well and I'll talk to ya'll later! La revedere!!! Love, Elder Lee.

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