Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, March 14, 2011

Goodbye Constanta - Hello Deva!

Hey everybody! How are we all? I'm doing well. I have some big news. I'm getting transferred again! Crazy. I only got in a month and a half here in Constanta. I'll miss it, but I'm glad to get to a new city to be around some more investigators! After working a lot here, me and Elder Johnsen just couldn't find anybody. It's kinda a bummer (cuz it's a big city), but it's good that there will be new missionaries coming here to implement new ideas and stuff (they include Elder Boehme, Elder Simmons, and Elder Sullivan). Elder Biggs will stay for a 3rd transfer. However, Elder Johnsen and I are out! Elder Johnsen is going to Bucharest (Panduri) to be a district leader there. As for me, I am going to......Deva! Mom and dad, start your research! It's a small little town in the west of the country. I am excited to go back to a smaller town (cheaper too). In fact, it's even smaller than Bacau I think. I will be companions with Elder Newton. He is from Salt Lake City, and is actually very good friends with Elder Johnsen! He is also the new branch president in Deva! I get to be with another branch president. Also, the other elders in the city are Elder Laherty (one group behind me) and Elder Fonnesbeck, my MTC comp!!! Crazy! I will still be a junior companion, and I am fine with that. The only senior companions in my own group now are: Elder Schroedter, Elder Fonnesbeck, Elder Nilsson, and Elder Pettit.  So that's the big news. I'll let ya'll know more about it all next week!

    Anyways, I had a fun, last week here in Constanta. It went so fast too. It was Elder Lainhart's last week of his mission! We enjoyed it together as a district with a fun p-day (we went to the beach and to the mall and played darts there. I'm getting better at throwing darts! ). We also had a fun last english class, playing games, eating brownies, and taking pictures. Elder Lainhart was so good at teaching english classes and being super personable with the students. Elder Lainhart and I also burned our tie and suit! Apart from that, Elder Johnsen and I were busy in the middle of the week moving apartments. We were able to finally move in starting on Thursday. It's a nice apartment! It's fairly close to the church villa and it's in a very convenient location (close to bus stops) It's good I haven't fully moved into it, cuz now I need to pack! I'm glad we got it all taken care of! There will be 2 different elders living there for the next transfer. Hopefully they like our choice! I'm also glad I got to live in our older one, right on the beach, for a month!

    During the time we were cleaning and packing and moving, the Zone Leaders came to do an exchange with the others. It was fun to see them around and have their help both with us moving and in missionary work. I am excited for my new Zone Leaders. One of them is Elder Bateman, one of my favorite missionaries! We served together in Bacau for a month when I first got here. He is such a cool guy. Elder Gunter is finally done being branch president! He's going to Oradea to serve with Elder Mikolyski! Another two of my favorite people here! Let's see if I remember where my group is going: Elder Nemrow is in Chisinau, Elder Nelson is in Craiova, Elder Durand is in Sibiu I think, and the rest are staying in their current cities. We have a new office elder, Elder Herman, who I don't know. We also have a new AP, Elder Bennett, who's a cool guy. Exciting changes!!!

    On Friday night, we went to have dinner at a member's home, Sora Harris. She's here as part of the Peace Corps and teaches english to kids somewhere at a school here in Constanta. We had some chili! She served a mission in Pennsylvania and so she knows how missionary work is. It's really cool that she's here in Romania. On Sunday, Elder Lainhart spoke at church. He gave a very good talk on how faith can become knowledge. Later that night, we went to another member's, Tibi, to have food and fun. Us four came, as well as Alin, his wife Mariana, their baby, and Cata (Mariana's brother). We had mici (little sausages), french fries, and treats. We took some fun pictures. Then, after, we raced back home in separate taxis. Me and Elder Johnsen won! Today, we helped Elder Lainhart pack and sent him off at the gara, saying our goodbyes. We'll miss him! That's my week. Exciting stuff.

    I don't have much else to say, other than I'm excited to go to Deva. I hope the work can go well there, and that I can be super diligent. It's good to hear how home is. Mom and dad, It's exciting that Jamers and Mark are coming down! Tell Jamie to email me!!! I also want more pics of Kenadee! Also, take pics together and send me some! It's good that Chris is going crazy finding some new work. I hear he's doing a lot of those internet articles. Good. I hope he finds at least one good job out of the many places he's applied to. It's good the ward is doing well. I wonder who will be the new stake president. Also, when does Bishop Strong complete his Bishop calling? Keep me updates on ward stuff. Mom and dad, how is work going? Sper ca merge bine. I hope BYU basketball gets far into the NCAA tournament or whatever. It's dumb that the Jazz are doing poopy. I heard from the other Elder Lee and Elder Fisher. They're both doing well with investigators and baptisms. Well, I don't know what else to say. Thanks mom and dad for your emails and the news of what's going on. I'm excited for the next couple of months for y'all and your big trip! I'm done. By next email, I'll be somewhere in Deva. I hope I find some more success there. Well, I love y'all! We'll talk later. La revedere!!! Cu drag, Elder Lee.  

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