Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, March 7, 2011

I've Been Out 6 Months!

Hello everyone! How are we doing? I am doing well. This past week went so fast! All the weeks go so fast! There's only one more week left of this transfer, AND I hit my 6 month day tommorow (Mar. 8th). I can't believe it's been half a year already. Let's talk about stuff.

     So, the past week went well. Elder Johnsen and I are still finding people to teach and it's still a little dry. We decided to work more with less-actives and in-actives. Alin gave us a sheet of all the members up-to-date. We may use this week to call some of them and try to talk with some of them. I think it would be good for us, as the Lord will bless us as we work harder with less actives. Maybe in doing so, we can also be blessed to find new people! We had 3 lessons this past week, 2 of them being less-actives and 1 being a recent convert. That recent convert is named Anca. She's 17 and her mom is a member of a year or so now, and she is the most recently baptized. She was baptized in January by Elder Nilsson from my group! Last week, we also contaced a referral (the Jordanian kid going to school here) We tried setting up with him and he sounded super cool and wanted to! It was a bummer though, because when we scheduled to meet, he didn't come. He didn't even call. But his friend called us. He said that he was busy with something and couldn't meet. Dang. I hope he didn't just bung us. We'll still try to meet soon. We also brought the sacrament to a sick member's home on Sunday.
    Other than that, we didn't talk to pretty much anyone else, except at blocs. The weather here started to get a little warmer. The ice and snow are melted, and it's sunnier. It's still sometimes breezy and the breeze is pretty cold. Hopefully, it will stay warmer. Yesterday at church was something cool. Alin blessed his baby daughter, Eva Sofia. She was born a month ago and she was blessed in sacrament. A lot of people came! It was about 21 or 22 total people. It was a nice meeting.

    Elder Johnsen and I still haven't moved apartments just yet. So here's the story: we, at first, needed to move out by March 4, but we extended the current contract of our apartment to go for another month. We established the apartment we wanted and went through with the landlord the contract and stuff. Everything's great about it, BUT, the stove runs on a propane tank. We called President to confirm it all, but he didn't ok it due to the propane. We were bummed, but called the landlord back and asked if they could put in a gas line. They said they could! So they have been working on doing that, and will call us any day now to say it's done....I'm hoping. THEN, we can finish the contract and move in. Hopefully it works out. Apparently, apartments in the mission aren't supposed to have propane tank runned ovens or stoves. I guess it could be dangerous. It should be a great apartment. (Dad- we pay the bills monthly for it and then get reimbursed by zone leaders or office elders. We get 900 lei per month. That's plenty.)

   Thats really all our week was. Last P-day, we as a district went walking up the beach together to hang out, collect sea shells, and take pictures and stuff. It was pretty fun. Today, we don't really have a place in mind to visit or anything. It's still a little bit cold, but nice. To be honest, I don't really care whether or not we do any big, fun outing. I like to just hang out as a district and chill. It's a nice time to relax a bit. Today is Elder Lainhart's last real P-day. He leaves to go home on March 16th. He'll leave next Monday to go to Buc and have his last testimony meeting, dinner, etc. On Tuesday, he and his group (just 2 others, Elder Bigu and Elder Zavala) get the whole day to do what they want in Buc. Then he flys home the next day! He's been a great elder to work with here. I'll miss him. He and I will probably burn some articles of clothing together to celebrate our 2 year and half year marks, respectively. I am looking forward to transfers. I'll be going into my 4th already. I'm not sure whether I'll stay or leave, but chances are I'll change companions, as Elder Johnsen has been here for 2 now. I'll tell you next week how things go! I'm hoping to be able to be moved in to the new apartment before then too.

    That's about it for me. It's good to hear how the family is doing. Congrats to Collete! It's also exciting that Jamers, Mark, and Kenadee are visiting you guys (mom and dad). I know (mom) that you're always very excited to get any chance to see her! The ward in Redlands is doing well it seems. That's very cool to hear that L. Tom Perry will come to the Redlands stake conference in April! You guys are getting hooked up with apostles it seems! Oh yeah, and how awesome it is (mom and dad) that you'll be going to Europe in July! How did mom convince you dad? I knew you two were planning on going on some big trip in the future, and it's exciting that you'll get to see Switzerland and Austria! So how much will it be? Tell me more details! Will anyone join you? (family or friends-I guess not the Burch's.) I hope you guys will love it! I'll be close to you! On the other hand, it's too bad about BYU basketball. Is it like the same deal with Harvey Unga? I guess it's pretty popular on the news and stuff. That guy's pretty dumb. Now, BYU will probably not do so well as they have. Sorry dad, I know you're probably mad. It's dumb when stuff like that happens. It's cool that BYU sticks to what is right though. That's what I like to see.

   I haven't heard from other missionaries lately, except my roommate Elder Flake in San Fernando and Elder Fisher in Texas. They're doing very well. Elder Flake is liking speaking Korean! Elder Fisher said he got a baptism and that he loves his area. I hope other elders around the world are doing well (especially the ones that are good friends). Zach is loving BYU. I'm excited for Briggs and Soren and Marshall to go there! Should be so fun! Mom, I'm still waiting on those 2 packages. I'm hoping to get them in a week on transfer day. Also, all those people are ok to accept as friends on facebook, except for "Geremy Xd" I don't know that name. All those girls are just English students. Thanks for taking care of my facebook! Dad, I still forgot to ask where Alin served in England. I'll try to remember to ask.

   Well. That's good enough for today. I hope everyone is doing fine and has a good week. Thanks for your support and what not. Enjoy March. I'm looking forward to a new transfer and soon, General Conference! yay. Well, anyways, I'm done. Love y'all! La revedere dragi frati si surori! LOVE, Elder Lee.

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