Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, October 24, 2011

Week Two in Craiova

Dear family and friends:

   Hello there. It's Elder Lee. Thanks mom and dad for the emails. I enjoyed hearing how things are going. Mom, I hope you get feeling better! Good job on your piano solo at church, it sounds like you did a good job. That's funny to hear about Elder Kopsa and Sarah. Maybe I'll ask him about it and see if he remembers anything! So I hear the ward and everything is doing well. Ma bucur sa aud. Well, I had an alright week here in Craiova. Time's still going fast. Let's see what happened.

   First of all, Elder Rasmussen and I are getting along just fine. We've been having fun together. Elder Kopsa and Elder Abbott are fun too. We've still been apartment looking. So far, we've been living together in the same apartment. It's a little annoying though, because their washing machine isn't working because the water for it (for the whole bathroom) isn't working. Luckily, there are 2 bathrooms. However, I've been piling up all my dirty clothes for the past 2 weeks almost! Just yesterday, I actually started washing stuff by hand in the tub. I think it's working... Elder Rasmussen and I have tried looking for more apartments online and calling people. We've seen 2, but they are on the edge of town and super far away from where we'd like to live. One was super nice though (and 400 euro) The office said that 400 is too much. So, we may settle on one that's close to centru for 350, or, we may see a couple more. In any case, we'll still be living in the same apartment as the others for another few days. Hopefully not more than a week.

   Not much has happened, really. On p-day, we just walked around a little shopping place in centru. There's not much to do here for fun on p-days. As opposed to Buc, Craiova's a little more chill and relax. We haven't done much missionary work because of apartment hunting and english contacting (trying to get lots of people to come to english) We had sign-ups for english and a good number of people came. I just feel kinda bad that we haven't really done much gospel contacting. It's a little tough too, living in the same apartment. Also, the weather has gotten cloudy and colder. Not many people are out on benches and such. I want to be able to move this week and focus on missionary work! We have about no progressing investigators. We are working with a cool couple, Adriana and Florin. Elder Kopsa and I were on an exchange on Tuesday (because the other two had to go to Buc early to get visa work done) and we had a first lesson with them. They are really nice and we committed them to read from the BOM and come to church. However, they didn't come to church. We will visit them again on Tuesday. Sadly, Alin, a guy who had a baptismal date just prior to me getting here, has not met with us since. We haven't been able to get in contact with him. He works a lot (does city clean up stuff). Something happened with his phone, so we have to call his mom when we want to meet. Hopefully we can talk to him tonight even. It's been a little slow in Craiova. I want to pick it up and do good missionary work! Yesterday was my first normal sacrament meeting in Craiova. It was good. It's just 2 hours, like Bacau. I gave a little talk using Helaman 5:12 and 3 Nephi 14:24-27, all about building your foundation on Christ (living His gospel). Then, Fratele Radulescu spoke, and a branch presidency counselor from Pitesti came and spoke, all on joy.There were 5 or 6 members there, including the Spooners. Kinda empty. Craiova is very new to the church still (for just 3 years the church has been here).

   We had a cool zone conference in Buc on Wednesday. Half the mission came and we got to hear from Elder Teixiera and his wife. They gave great messages. We learned about how we need to pray harder and with more faith (especially with and for investigators' family and friends in need), trying to teach in peoples' homes, and constant contacting. He told a story about how he asked his son to promise him to get 21 lessons in his first week of his mission (in New York City) Elder Teixiera had looked at the missionary department stats of that mission's key indicators and saw that on average, missionaries got 7 lessons a week. ( kinda like here). He wanted his son to see that 21 lessons could be possible. His son agreed, and with his trainer in Staten Island, got 21 lessons his first week. He encouraged us to have more faith that we could do the same. It was great.

   Well, time is passing by. I am pretty much done. I hope you all have a good week. I hope we can move, and really focus on missionary work here. We have interviews with President Hill on Wednesday, so it should be cool! We also have a Halloween party on Saturday. Well, I am gonna peace out. Love you all. Loves, Elder Lee.

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