Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm staying in Bacau for at least another transfer

Dear Loved Ones:

   Hello! It's President Lee. It's been a good week. A good last week of the transfer. It's transfers already. I'm going into my 13th! Plus, I'm going home a little early for school. So, my time is running short to be a missionary in this awesome mission. I only have a little over 4 months left. I hope to be ready for school and life again. I've learned an innumerable amount of things and had amazing, unique experiences not to be had anywhere else or at any other time of my life. Life moves on. I will still be a BP in Bacau. Elder Petersom is leaving me! He actually going back to Buc to be an office elder! He'll be in a trio with 2 other missionaries, because there will be an odd number of elders. I will get a new companion--Elder Doloscan. I don't know if I've ever mentioned him before in my emails. I have met him a couple of times. He is from Moldova. He is a convert to the church of not too many years. He's been out on his full-time mission here for about 4 or 5 transfers. He's a native, who knows the language. He also knows Russian, I think. He has been serving in Buc the past 3 transfers with Elder Bateman and Elder Fonnesbeck. It will be interesting to have a Moldovan convert as my companion! He knows english pretty well. He's a cool guy. He's a hard worker. I hope we have a good transfer together and try to help this branch. It's tough to be in Bacau. I don't know how long I'll be here. I would prefer to be here for just one more, not just because it is a tougher place, abut also because I am kinda getting worn out of 2-man districts! I would love to be around more missionaries! However, I'll keep trying to do a good job for another transfer here in Bacau. We have a new AP too--Elder Hyatt. He's the one that I went to BYU with (we were in the same ward and lived right next to each other, but never hung out!) The 6 elders all leave this week, to be replaced by 7 new elders, including Elder Knapp! I hope to see him soon, and find out where he's going and who will train him. There are a lot of cool cities and trainers he could go to!

   Right now, I'm in Iasi, again! Elder Peterson and I took a train up here yesterday and met up with Elders Jones, Herman and Eaton. Elder Harrison (Elder Jones' companion went up early to Chisinau to be a zone leader there, leaving Elder Jones in a trio in Iasi). Elder Peterson had to go to Buc earlier to get to the office, and he went down with the Iasi ZL's (Elder Herman is going home). So, I am left here to be on a 3 or 4 day exchange with Elder Jones! It's pretty cool to be here for a few days with him and the sisters here in Iasi, Soras Komar and Bennett. Both our new companions will get up here on Wednesday night, and Elder Doloscan and I will take a train back to Bacau Thursday morning. It's going to be April soon! That means its gonna be general conference, Easter, registering for BYU classes (I'll be sure to register for the Romanian 340 class), and another big mission conference in a few weeks. We'll have Elder Gerald Causse come to our mission. It will be on April 19th. Should be exciting.

   Mom and dad, I would love for you guys to come to Romania to pick me up! I asked about it in my email to President Hill. Elder Fonnesbeck is going home early for school too, and he said August 9th was the day President Hill told him would be a good day. Maybe I can finish my mission that day too. Then, it would work out to go around Romania for a week. I think it would be fun to room with Zach and Briggs. Keep me updated on that mom. Thanks for sending an Easter package. I'm sorry I'm lazy and don't send anything to you guys back home, except emails (I did send a postcard once!). I just am too lazy to send packages home, and I also don't know anyone's addresses at BYU or elsewhere. It's good that things are going well back home. Congrats to Marshall on his mission call! It sounds like a cool mission! I'm wondering why most of the missionaries from the ward are going stateside. Maybe Soren will go somewhere far away, like Cambodia or Thailand. Well mom and dad, keep me up-to-date on the news in the family, especially about whether you guys will have a new grand-son or grand-daughter! Sounds exciting. The weather there is a bit rainy and cooler? It's a little bit of a cooler day today too. Usually, it's sunny and nice and warm. Soon, it's gonna get too warm. I guess I'm about done. Sorry I don't have a cool experience or something like that this time. But I do have this I guess: a few days ago, I was studying from Preach my Gospel about Keeping the Sabbath Day holy. After reading it, I felt impressed to write down the reasons why I go to church every week and I thought about all the blessings it has brought me in my life. I came up with 20 reasons! I shared them all in a talk I gave yesterday on keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Sora Dragomir spoke about prayer. It was a good sacrament meeting. I have become a better studier of the gospel. It's a great idea to keep a little study/revelation journal. I'm glad I go to church every Sunday! I have a lot of blessings that I need to be more grateful for. Well, I'm done. Have a great week. We'll mai vorbim. Ciao.

Love, President Lee

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