Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Has Arrived - Finally!

Dear family and friends:

   Hello. It's President Lee. I never know how to begin with these emails. Well, first of all, it's gotten a lot wamer in these parts the last couple of days! It's up to around 17-22 degress celsius (high). Just about all the snow is melted. I won't miss the snow. However, it is kinda a bummer I won't get to spend another winter here in Romania. It will be cool though, to be back home for Christmas. My time is running out. I have 5 months left! I actually don't even know when exactly I'm going home. Mom and dad, are you guys still planning on coming over here to pick me up? If so, when? I think it would be a cool experience for you guys. It would be right in the summer too. Thanks dad, for sending me details of registering. April 3? I guess I need to be ready as fast as possible that day to register. I need to think of more classes too. So far, I've only thought of New Testament or D&C, maybe a Civilizations class or some type of history class, and maybe that Romanian class. Mom, you said that Romanian class is full of girls? Hmm, I need to keep thinking. I don't even know what I want to major in for sure.

   The work here is going. Bacau is warmer, but the branch here is about the same as it's always been. Yesterday at church, we had 3 members and one investigator. We talked about honesty, charity, and obedience (in Sunday School). Alin gave the talk about charity. He's a champ. Always comes every Sunday. He's so funny. He keeps us happy when it gets discouraging. So does Daniel. He's doing well, and we still hang out with him on p-days. We made a little la tara trip to visit Fratele Iancu at his home. Just he was there. His wife was at her mom's helping her clean. We talked a lot and ate some good ciorba and potato stew and shared a spiritual thought on charity. He's the member that usually goes off on communism and other negative things, but he seemed to do better at his home and the next day at church. It can get a little lonely and hard to find motivation here, being just 2 missionaries, but we have fun and get by. I may be here for a shorter time than branch presidents have spent here in the past, because it is a 2-man city. We'll see what happens. I would really like to finish my misison in another, new city, and to be around more missionaries. It's a good experience to be a branch president though, even when it's tough to find motivation and see changes. I am so grateful for my mission. There have been ups and there have been downs. It's important to have hardships, success, difficulties, and humor. There have been extremes in all of them. All the ups and downs have contributed to my growth. It's like a heart monitor. There are ups and downs (which are both essential) and also flatlines (which means you're dead and you're not having the mission that you need to have.) Anyways, it's all been a great blessing.

   I am excited for Elder Knapp to come here in just a week or so. I hope to see him! I'm sure he loved the MTC. Thanks for all the news and updates from back home. That's scary what happened to Kenadee, but it's good that she's back to normal and her arm is fine. That's good for BYU, that they had a huge comeback. Hopefully they win more games. That's funny about Gary Hallen and how wearing BYU shirts is immodest. I have 2 BYU shirts and wear them proudly, especially in Romania. I hope Chris and Liz's house will get done sooner rather than later. Chris said they find out if they're having a girl or boy in just a week, and that Chris is thinking of naming the child "Smitty". He said it works for both a girl or a boy. That would be really fun to live with Zach and Briggs. We'll see what happens. I miss them a lot! Well, that's about everything I have to say this week. Multumesc pentru tot. Va iubesc atat de mult. Have a good week! Ciao!

Love, Elder Lee

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