Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June Has Arrived And We've Hit the Parks Contacting!

Dear loved ones,

   Hello there. It's Elder Lee reporting on his recent week here in Bucharest. It's been a good week. The biggest change is that the rain finally decided to stop! It's been so much nicer the past few days. The sun is out, and it's nice and clear. It is more humid and stuffy, however. Especially here in this internet cafe right now. But, I'm pretty tired of wetness, so it's a welcome change. At least for now. In July and August, it will be so much worse. Elder Durand and I are having a great time together. We have still struggled to get out talking to lots of people all day, because of the recent weather. Also, I feel like I am not as good at contacting as I was last year here. It seemed so much easier back then! Maybe it was because I was training. Elder Durand and I do have those days where it's hard to find motivation, simply because we are nearing the end. But we continue to keep trying to be effective every day. We hope to find more investigators now with the weather being more missionary-friendly.

   We have still talked with Nicu, Ana, and Flavian. They're all doing well. Both Nicu and Ana came to church yesterday. Nicu bore his testimony and even brought a friend. Flavian didn't make it this Sunday to church. However, we were able to meet with him earlier this week. We talked about the Priesthood. We want to try to prepare him to receive the Aaronic Priesthood soon. We talked about what it is, what it means, and the blessings that come through the Priesthood. He is a great guy. He's always busy with his work though. The district here in Mihai Bravu is still a lot of fun. The sisters had a baptism on Saturday. The person who got baptized is named Ioana. I have never really met her, but it was still a neat experience seeing her get baptized. It's been a while since I have seen anyone get baptized! Elder Fonnesbeck did the actual ordinance. She was confirmed just yesterday in church by President Bulgarasu.

   We did some fun stuff this week. It was my birthday on Thursday. I turned 21! I think I'm too old now. We had a good district meeting. Elder Fonnesbeck talked about relying on the Lord, and the McFaddens (the Panduri senior couple) came over to give us some little spiritual thoughts. Sora Wolsey made me a tasty chocolate cake! Then, we went as a district to Ruby Tuesday's. The food is always good there. Then, on Friday, I went on exchange with Elder Knapp! He came over to my apartment, and we spent all Friday together. We didn't have any lessons set up, so we went to the park and talked to a few people. We had some shaormas for lunch, and just had a good time. We made my Pillsbury cake and brought it to the church for correlation. It was good. On Wednesday, the Wolsey's invited Elder Durand and I and the sisters to help sort some toys for the Red Cross Association of Romania. We went to some warehouse and sorted tons of toys into piles and boxes for future use, I guess by orphan children or children in hospitals. It was a nice opportunity to do some service and have some fun.

   Church was nice. It was fast and testimony meeting. We heard many nice testimonies about the power of prayer and how God works through other people to help us and answer our prayers. Sunday school and Priesthood classes were well-taught (by Ioana and Cristi Males). After church, we all ate at Sora Gorzo's. She made us some potato ciorba, chicken, and rice. She also knew it was my birthday, and had some chocolate cake for us all. She gave me a birthday card and a little t-shirt. It was a good time. However, this morning, pretty much all of us who ate there woke up with some trouble in our bowels. We may have gotten a little diarrhea (or as we call it, "we got Gorzo-ed"). I think it's only the first time I've gotten some bowel troubles from eating her food. I think I'm feeling better now, fortunately.

   That's basically my week. It's nice to hear that you (mom and dad) had a great time in Utah with the family. It must have been fun to hear Kenadee talking and lisping. It must have been a nice time at Tyler and Chelsey's wedding reception. That missionary who came must have been Elder Finch. He's from Spanish Fork as well. He was a fun missionary. He replaced me and Elder Abbott in Craiova. Anyways, I hope all goes well this next coming week. I am enjoying being here in Bucharest. Have a good one! Ciao.

Love, Elder Lee

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