Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Can it get any hotter?

Dear Loved Ones,

   Hello! It's been another quick week in Bucuresti. We find ourselves here at the internet place yet again, emailing our respective families and all. We always have to race to get a computer! This place we go to (Orange--a phone company) has 9 really nice Mac computers. Today, we all made it to a computer! Well, besides the sisters. Sora Moulton and Sora Sam were too slow. However, there's another internet place nearby, and they went there. Anyways, Elder Nilsson and I have had a good week here. Apparently, this is one of the hottest summers in years in Romania! Remember how winter was like the worst winter in decades? Well, I guess it's kinda similar now, just dang hot and humid instead. I hear it will get a little cooler this week, then heat up again by Sunday. Mom and Dad, I guess it's good that it has been humid in Redlands. You need to prepare yourselves for Bucharest. Maybe it won't be as bad in Brasov. I look forward to the time you guys come, but I am also keeping myself focused on finding some cool people!

   We don't really have any investigators at the moment (they disappeared). But we do have some recent converts and less-actives that we still work with. We had a lesson with Gabi and Mihai Geambasu--a really cool couple. Mihai served a mission in Spain a few years ago, and Gabi, his wife, got taught and baptized by Elder Nilsson and Elder Simmons in November or December. We talked to them about preparing to go to the temple, and the blessings of the temple. On Saturday, we had exchanges. Elder Nilsson went to Elder Fonnesbeck, and Elder Durand came to me, so we were companions again for the day! We had a lesson with Ana. We talked about the importance of prophets. She's been doing well, but hasn't been reading her scriptures for a little while. We encouraged her to read daily, and we told her that she would see and feel a difference in her life as she does so. We also visited the Males's and the Paun's. We talked with them about inviting others to learn about the gospel, as well as the blessings we have seen in our lives as a result of the Restoration. They're awesome. Elder Nilsson and I have also tried to find a few more former investigators, but we haven't had much luck.

   The branch is doing well. Church was great yesterday. Unfortunately, we had no investigators come. Also, Flavian, our recent convert didn't show up. We need to meet with him soon. Nicu did come and passed the sacrament again! He was kind of less-active, but is now coming to church more often. It's great to see him in a white shirt and tie, passing the sacrament. He is a funny guy. We heard talks from Pres. Bulgarasu about keeping the Sabbath Day holy, from Ioana about prophets, and from Elder Nilsson about prayer. We sang "Faith in Every Footstep" as a branch choir too. We sound good! Now, we are practicing "Secret Prayer"--in Romanian, it's "Rugaciune Tainica". It's fun to sing the bass part in the chorus. Sora Gorzo made us ardei umpluti (stuffed peppers) after church. They were really good. Elder Nilsson and I found out that there's a Subway (the American sandwich place) that just opened up in a mall near our apartment! So, we went there once or twice already. We found out that there are supposed to be 5 or 6 in Buc by the end of the year (there are 2 now I think), and lots more across the whole country by the end of the year. There are Suways in Buc, Tmisoara, Cluj, Iasi, and Constanta I think. I've been enjoying Subway Melts, Chicken Teriyaki with sweet onion sauce, and the cookies! It costs about 20 lei for a footlong (well, actually a 30cm) sandwich meal. That would be cool if Togo's ever came to Romania...

   Anyways, that's about all we've been up to lately. I haven't taken any exciting new pictures, because we haven't really done anything exciting on our P-days--we've just chilled in the church all day. It's good that things are going well at home. I'm excited for everyone coming to Redlands for my homecoming. I'm excited to be able to see and hang out with Kenadee right when I'm back! I hope things all go well for Chris and Liz. I guess we'll see if he's able to go to Dartmouth or not. Mom, I'm glad you've been enjoying your primary class. I guess that would be fun to drop in and say hi to them in Romanian when I'm back. So Keith and Jordan are already back? Wow. That seemed fast. And Truman will be home really soon too. It will be fun to get back in touch and hang out with them all again at BYU. Anyways, I'm basically done for this week. Have a good week, Ciao.

Love, Elder Lee

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