Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

Time Is Going Too Fast!

Dear loved ones,

   Well, hello there again. Let's talk about this past week. It's been a good one here with Elder Nilsson. I've really enjoyed being with him. Bucharest is hot and humid. Big surprise, right? We're all doing well as a district. Elder Nilsson and I are really trying hard to keep focus on the work. It can be hard sometimes because a lot of the time we have is just finding (new investigators or former investigators). We have enjoyed talking about BYU and things, but we also try to keep our minds on our work as much as we can. I didn't know it could be tough sometimes to finish strong on your mission. We have had success last week with meeting a couple of former investigators (Mihai and Gabi). However, this week, they decided to stop answering their phones and doors! So, we have kind of lost contact with them, already! It's a little bit of a bummer. They both are awesome people. We do have a little handful of recent converts and less-actives to work with. The sisters gave us Phil and Tene to work with. They are the ones from Cameroon, Africa. They were baptized in December or January I think. We have them now, because it can be difficult for the sisters to meet them with another member or missionaries to be present there every time (because of a mission rule). So, the work moves on! Elder Nilsson and I are really enjoying trying to figure out why exactly we are here together near the end of our missions.

   The branch is doing well. The mission had 3 or 4 baptisms this last week. There are a good amount of people throughout the mission with baptismal dates. Our district now has one baptismal date--an investigator of the sisters named Jamal. That's cool, mom and dad, that you guys got a letter from President Hill. It'll be cool for you guys to meet him. He is an outstanding mission president, and I will miss him when I am done here. Mom and dad, I think the Brasov church address is Str. Artur Leiter Nr. 1. I just looked at the church site in Romanian (its My scriptures are getting bound up in Cluj-Napoca. I should be getting them brought back down at transfers. Hopefully they'll get done correctly. I think the sisters up in Cluj take care of binding all the missionaries' books. I want my English quad to be hard-back, black, with gold lettering and designs (saying "The Holy Writ") and my Romanian triple to be hard-back, black, with silver lettering and designs (saying "Sfintele Scripturi" meaning "the holy scriptures") So, It will be cool to get those soon. Curently, I am studying out of the New Testament (I just finished Galatians) and I am borrowing Elder Nilsson's Bible.

   So, it sounds like you, mom and dad, had a fun 4th of July at Five Guys and at the Andreasen's. I want some Five Guys! I remember that was the last meal I had before walking into the MTC. That day doesn't really even feel that long ago. How was it at the Andreasen's? There were a lot of missionaries there? Were Zach and Briggs there? How do they feel about rooming with me at BYU in just over a month? I hope you enjoyed the fireworks! The only time I have seen fireworks here was for New Year's. Well, last New Year's in Craiova was super foggy and I couldn't see much of anything. I sure heard the fireworks though. Do you want to know what we did for Independence Day here in Bucharest? We went to eat at a Chinese restaurant! It was actually Sora Moulton's birthday on the 4th. We didn't do much throughout the day, but in the early evening, we all met together and ate at a Chinese restaurant (I forgot the name) sort of nearby the church. It was pretty good food! I got some sweet and sour chicken with pineapple and all that good stuff. It was fun to celebrate Independence Day in a Chinese restaurant in Romania! Sora Wolsey made us some good cake the next day for district meeting. Church yesterday was nice. We heard talks about service, sacrifice, and charity in sacrament meeting. We practiced "Faith in Every Footstep" as a branch choir after church. Sora Gorzo fed us some good food, as usual.

   It's good to hear that things in Redlands and in Utah are going well. It sounds like it's pretty hot there in Redlands! Enjoy it! There's no humidity there! Chris sent me a picture of their house, with those fires in the background. They got pretty close to the house! Are all those fires put out yet? That's a cute picture of Kenadee that you sent me, dad. Mom, I'm glad you are loving your Primary class. That is kinda a weird dream you had. A Romanian wedding? In Bulgaria? And Alin from Constanta was there? Did you say hi to him for me? Haha. That's really cool that Muse will be performing a theme song at the Olympics. Tell me how it goes! I still really like Muse a lot, especially how they play live! I'm glad to be here in Buc and continue to be a missionary trying to focus hard and work. My time is running out, so I'm trying to love each new day that I still have. That's about all I have to say about that. Have a good week. Ciao!

Love, Elder Lee

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