Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Six & Going Strong

Well hey y'all! How is everybody? I hope you're all doing just fine and dandy. Thanks everyone for your letters to me this past week. thanks for all your support and what not. as for me, I'm doing foarte bine astazi.
     So I've had a great week here yet again. I can't believe it's been a month and a half! we leave in like 19 days! But I'm super excited to leave this place!! Not much different happened this past week, just the same ol' routine, except there were some neat things.
     First of all, this past week, we've been teaching the lessons all in Romanian still. (We'll never go back to English again) and we've been doing great! The language is so fun and I've really caught on to learning it. With our progressing investigator Steve, we committed him to baptism and he accepted! We set a date on November 5th for him to be baptized, and he's keeping lots of committments for us. (this is all fake, mind you). so that's purty cool I guess. Also, we heard from Brother and Sister Beeson on sunday fireside (he's the executive secretary of the Provo MTC) They were great. He had his kids and kid-in-laws speak about unity in companionships, trusting in the Lord, being diligent, etc. Then, on Tuesday night devotional, we had our first Apostle!!!! Yep, it was Elder Russell M. Nelson of the 12! He talked a lot about how important our missions are for our future, teaching about Christ, keeping in touch with convert friends you make on your mission, and other good stuff. It was a neat experience. All the missionaries here treated the devotional like it was a Muse concert or something! haha. they all rushed in cuz they knew it was an apostle finally. Elder Nelson was recieved like a celebrity haha. What's really cool though, is that he dedicated Romania to be a mission! Also, his grandson is our teacher! So it was a special opportunity to have him as our apostle to speak to us (we probably won't hear from anymore while we're here :( ) We also got a new Romanian district yesterday! There are 10 elders and one sora (sister). We haven't really met them officially yet cuz their schedules are all wierd until their first monday. It's dang crazy how i was just in their position not too long ago, yet it feels like forever ago!
    we'll get our travel plans probably next week sometime! can't wait for that and the plane ride and everything. This last 2 and a half weeks I really need to do my best to get ready for the real deal. Apart from those things, there's really not much else to talk about (I know, i'm always boring, but hey, it's the MTC, nothing really fun or super spiritual really happens here, so imi pare rau--im sorry)
    Well, it was great to hear from some of you. Thanks mommy and daddy for always writing me and tellling me how things are going. I'm so jealous that Cafe Rio is now in Redlands! good for you. That place is excelent. But I had plenty of it when I was at BYU! It's good to hear that Elders Perry, Hagee, and Rowley are doing well in Ukraine and Chile. I need their addresses so I can write them! i also got letters from my best friends Zach and Briggs! I loved those, thanks guys! I heard 2 awesome nuggets of news from them: Congrats Zach for getting accepted to BYU!!! I love you man! You WILL have an infinite amount of fun there, trust me. I'm so happy for you. Also, I heard that Andrew Campbell got his call to Ogden Utah English speaking! congrats Andy! I love you man! That's so cool that you'll be on your mission soon! You'll love it! Good luck (or bafta, in romanian)
   I hope things are going well for everyone! Things are going great for me! I never thought I'd love the MTC, but I do! Thanks to my dang sweet awesome district! We always have a number 1 time! i love them and my teachers. i'm going to be ready to fly to Romania! It's all going so fast! But it's a thrilling ride. Thanks brother for your letter. I am going to finally write you this week, sorry I haven't written you yet. I hope you, Liz, and Bosco are still keeping it real. Jamers and Mark, I hope you guys and Kenadee are doing well! Thanks for your letters. Well, I'm about out of timp (time) so I'mma peace it out. Va iubesc si bafta! write me if you love me. I'll talk to y'all later! La Revedere!! Love, Elder Lee.

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