Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, February 28, 2011

Cold in Constanta!

   What's up everybody? Ce mai faceti? Bine? Eu sper! Anyways, how is everybody? I bet you're all doing fine. It's good to hear from family and friends. I am doing well like always, just still in a dry spot right now in Constanta trying to find more people. Let me recount the week...

    So, this past week was pretty cool, and it went fast! Elder Johnsen and I have been doing the same ol' same ol'. Blocs, streets, etc. The bummer part is that it just recently got freezing cold here. The past few days have been icy, a little snowy, and windy. The wind here is very very chilly. It has prevented us from doing much street contacting, but we have been doing plenty of blocs. The other bummer thing is that we only got 1 lesson this last week. BUT, it was a very cool lesson. We talked to a guy and lady (David and Saurelle) here for school. They are from Cameroon, Africa, and are here studying medicine in one of the schools here. They speak French and English. We had a very good lesson and discussion about the Restoration, the Book of Mormon, the priesthood, and faith. We plan on returning soon to give them an English BOM. The lady said she already recieved one from missionaries in England a while ago! It's a small world-- especially for LDS people. It was a cool lesson. Apart from that, we got a referral from a Jordanian guy me and Elder Frandsen met on our exchange. The referral is for his brother, who is going to school here. We hope to be able to meet with him soon! (His brother is back in Bucharest and the ZL's are teaching him. They say he is a golden investigator!) Apart from that, we have found no success for the moment, but will keep going. We hope to find one or 2 new investigators this week and extend one baptismal date to somebody.

   Also, we were told by the office elders recently that we need to move into a new apartment! Our current apartment is too small for mission standards and doesn't have room for 2 study desks. The contract ends on March 4 or 5th too. So, we have been looking and getting help from branch president Alin in finding. We need one that's a bit bigger with desk space. We looked at one that we really liked, but will look at more. We need to actually move this week though. Fun stuff. I think our current apartment is alright, but it is kinda too small. Also, it's kinda expensive. It costs 400 euro a month! We need a new one with that costs that much or less. So we will do that this week! Wish us luck!

   Elder Johnsen and I are getting along pretty well now. He still needs a bit of help getting up on time each morning, but apart from that, we're doing well. We have our week set out ahead of us in moving, and continuing to find people. We hope to find promising people that will progress! I also hope that the weather will get a bit warmer. There are only 2 more weeks of the transfer, so we need to keep working hard eh? The language is going pretty well for me. I'm learning more each day. In my studies of the scriptures, I'm on 1 Corinthians. It's some good stuff. Paul was a pretty good missionary.

   We made a couple of member visits this week. We visited the Nitica's and a guy named Tibi. We gave the Sacrament to brother Nitica, who is sick and bed-ridden. Then, we talked with Tib about Preach My Gospel. He's way cool. He's in his 30's. He's single too. He is super funny and fun to talk to. On Saturday, we actually went to a play he AND our branch president, Alin, were both in. I forgot what it was called, but it was way cool! Tibi is the main guy who wishes to become rich and a cool genie guy grants him the wish, then he gets greedy and gives his heart to the genie in turn for a stone heart. He kills his wife and then realizes what he's done. He finally pleads to get his heart back, then does, and then he's all happy again. The end. Alin played a small role as a guy playing music. Of course it was all in Romanian! I understood a good amount of it! Elder Lainhart, Biggs, me, Alin, and Tibi also practiced to do a musical number in church (Be Still Me Soul- Fii Linistit Sufletul Meu). I sang solo for the first 2 lines too! Then we all eventually came in and it sounded awesome in our rehearsals. The problem is that we didn't get the time to do it in Sacrament meeting! One of the members talked for too long and we ran out of time! Bummerz. Oh well, maybe next time. Later that day, we did a branch activity. We streetboarded in Centru and talked to people! Only us missionaries, the branch presidency, and Bro. Beere even came though, but it was fun! I contacted with Alin and we sang some hymns too! Finally, Elder Johnsen and I contacted over to the Cazino on Sunday after church! It's the building here by the beach that's in all the postcards and stuff. It was cool and we got pictures. It was freezing cold and windy though.

   Anyways, that's about all that happened this week. I emailed some of my BYU roommies on missions (Shumway and Derek) and I heard a little back from them! It's been so long since I talked to them. I also heard from Matt, Zach, and Elder Fisher. Everyone seems to be doing well! It's awesome that the guys in the ward who want to go to BYU got accepted! Congrats. It's also cool that BYU basketball is doing excellent this season. I heard that Deron Williams got traded to the Nets! Bummer. Matt said he was going to a Jazz-Celtics game soon. Fun! Thanks mom for sending me socks! I still never got that package you said had cards from your students. But I should be getting both of the packages on transfer day (if I go to Bucharest). I hope work and church and everything goes well for you Mom and Dad. That's way cool that Jeffrey R. Holland is coming to the Stake Center. That's dumb that Redlands stake got kicked out to go to Highland though. Have fun going to church at 1 and not hearing an apostle! haha. So Zach will live with Briggs next semester at BYU. That should be very fun for them. Sometimes, I get sad I don't get to be there, then I remember that I am here in Romania for 2 years serving the Lord and making best friends. I'm better off I think!

   Well, I better wrap up. I wish you all a happy first week of March. It's already March?? Wow. Well, I look forward to having a fun new week. Thanks for the support and mail and stuff. Love y'all. We'll talk later. La Revedere!!!   Love, Elder Lee.

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