Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Comfortable in Constanta

Hey folks! How are we all doing? I hope well. It feels like it's been forever since I last emailed. It's been a long week. Transfer day went well and I've been safely in Constanta. I am happy to be here! I'll try and tell y'all about how my week was.
   So during transfer day, I got to see a lot of fun missionaries and old buddies. We got our visas. The problem with that is that our visas supposedly expire in a year, NOT 2 years! Ha. So, I guess we'll have to do something about that some day. I had fun in Bucharest and eventually, said bye to people. I met Elder Lainhart and we took a bus to Constanta, taking 3 hours. There, we met Elder Johnsen and Biggs. Elder Johnsen is my new companion. He is from Salt Lake City. He went to University of Utah before his mission (sorry dad). He loves cars, yogurt, and quesadillas. He actually started his mission in Provo for 2 transfers because he broke his thumb in the MTC. Then , when he got here, he started in Brasov, but got some mysterious body infection and had to go to Germany. He spent 2 weeks or so there getting better and serving a bit. Then, he came back, and has since only been in Brasov and Oradea before coming here. He is a good guy. I also like Elder Biggs and Lainhart. They're from Sandy and Colorado. Elder Biggs is a transfer below me and Elder Lainhart is in his last transfer.

  Constanta is so big. It's sooo different from Bacau. You need to take buses all over. I bought an abonament, which is like a month bus pass. I've almost been here for a week, but I'm still getting used to it. We live in a small, nice bloc about 1 minute away from the beach! It's way unique. The other elders live on top of the church. It's a 3 story villa. They live on the 3rd floor. I met the branch yesterday, They're cool people. About 15-20 people come. There's a Branch President here! Wierd.  His name is Alin Constantinescu. He is young, just had a baby, and knows English perfectly. There is also an older couple from England living here and in the branch! They're named the Beere's. Cool. I had a good first Sunday at church. It lasted 3 hours too! It's just so different here. To be honest, I had a rough first couple of days here. I didn't realize how hard it is to get transferred. I was so comfortable with Elder Gunter in Bacau. I miss him! He taught me a lot, but now I have to adapt to so much. It's overwhelming. But I am getting to know the people and places more each day. My language is getting better. I need to adapt to Elder Johnsen now. I hope to soon be able to have a lot of fun and get comfortable.

  Not much else has happened apart from the adapting process. We had 3 lessons so far here with some cool people. We will pick up the work more starting this next week. I know that in time, I will grow to like it here. It's just so different.

  Thanks for the news back home mom and dad! I got your package mom! It's got some yummy cookies. Thanks for all that info about Constanta dad! Now I know a lot about it and it's history! It's good to hear everything is going well. Thank for the pics of Kenadee! She's so cute! Getting big of course too. I don't know a Sora Beesinger. According to transfer boards, she's not in this mission! Weird. BYU basketball is doing excellent. Keep it up! I heard from Zach. He's loving it at BYU! He's done lots of fun stuff already. I look forward to more packages. Also, socks if possible. Haha. Otherwise, I'm getting by just fine.

   It's my 5th month day tommorow. In another month, my 6th! That's crazy! I look forward to it. I can't think of anything much else to talk about now. My mind and body are just going through a huge adjustment phase. I'm liking it more each day. I do miss Bacau, Elder Gunter, and all the branch members and investigators I knew there! I'm doing well and look forward to getting comfy here and learning more about things here. I hope to be able to get along with the Elders here. I've already found some similarities among us. Stuff like that is a comfort to me. Well, I'm pretty much done. Next week I'll maybe have more to say. I love and miss y'all. Thanks for everything. Peace and blessins! La revedere! Cu drag, Elder Lee.

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