Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, January 31, 2011

Bye, Bye Bacau - Hello Constanta!

Hey Y'all! I have exciting news for you this time. It deals with transfers. Yes, I am getting transferred. BUT, first, let me tell you about how I've been and what we've done this past week very quickly, THEN I'll tell y'all where I'm going!

    So this past week was a good one like always. I was feeling that it was my last week in Bacau, and I am right. Elder Gunter and I had a fun last week together. We got 7 lessons, some with a less-active, one with a new member, and some with other investigators. The weather has been ok. It's cold but not too cold. It's icy too. We met with a less-active, Dan Meresan, to give him a priesthood blessing to stop smoking. We've also helped him with Book of Mormon reading and have shared awesome messages about it with him. We found a new investigator at the blocs and had a lesson with him. His name's Andrei and he's way cool, except that one night (while bringing a member with us to have a lesson) he wasn't there. His roommate was though. He was totally against us coming in and told us to leave. He called Andrei and told him not to meet with us, at least at their apartment. Bummerz. We have also been focusing still on member missionary work and visiting less-actives. It's been a good week. One night, a drunk guy ran into us and we chatted pointlessly with him for like 10 minutes. I couldn't stand his alcoholic breath and he was pretty stoned and just mumbled in half Romanian half English. We finally got ourselves out of that when we got a call from the other elders and had an excuse to leave. Annoying huh.

   I also have news that Bacau will be getting a senior couple this next transfer!!! It's exciting because they can really help with the members and the branch. They are named the Marcov's. I don't know anything about them. Elder Gunter will be with them here, as he has one more transfer as branch president. Bacau will be very exciting, but I'll be gone.

   On my last Sunday here for church, 3 members came. I also played the closing song on the little electric keybard. It was "God Be With you Till We Meet Again"! Fitting huh. It was a good Sunday. In unrelated news, I am getting annoyed with my socks. About half of them have holes in them already! I hate it. Parents, you can send me more church socks in a future package some day!

   Ok. That's my week in a nutshell. Let's get to some more exciting stuff. So, I am indeed leaving Bacau. I am going to.......... CONSTANTA! The city on the shore of the Black Sea! My new companion will be Elder Johnsen. Parents, start looking up stuff on Constanta haha! I am pretty excited! I am ready for some change! I'll miss Bacau too though! This transfer is my 3rd now. It's a very exciting time! I don't know much at all about Constanta, but I will soon enough. It's also very cool that 3 of my MTC district members will be going senior already!!!! Elder Schroedter, Elder Pettit, and Elder Nilsson will be senior companions to (get this) Elder Durand (a guy also in my MTC district), Elder Horgmo, and Elder Miner (respectively). Those last 2 are from the group below me!! That's crazy I think! As of now, it looks like my travel schedule shows I won't be with the rest of my MTC district to get our Visas in Buc. I am mad at that. I think we can get an earlier train to leave and I can be with them all! We'll see. If I don't get to see them, it's aight I guess. But, anyways, I'm super pumped and excited!!!

   It's also good to hear from home. It's good that you (mom and dad) are doing well. You better get that rat problem solved. Oh yeah, I took a picture of a dead rat on the sidewalk a few days ago. That just reminded me, thats all. It's nice to get more pics of Kenadee! She's so big now! And so much hair. She's got a good smile too. Keep 'em coming. Chris and Liz, keep working hard and take care of Bosco for me. That's funny about Bishop Strong. I bet that was a good Sacrament meeting. How's the ward doing? Good, I hope. I haven't heard from any of my missionary friends, except Elder Fisher. He's loving his mission so far. I think he leaves to Texas real soon, if not already. I'm so excited and proud of all my missionary friends around the world! For you Dad, I think the mission reached 131 or 132 baptisms for all of 2010.

   So anyways, I'm outta time. I miss y'all and lurve y'all. By the next time I email, I'll be in Constanta! Thanks for the support and emails and whetever else I'm forgetting. (Oh yeah, I didn't get a letter or email from Matt yet, but I'll get it soon, along with those packages, Mom.) Anyways, I don't have any cool pics to put with this today, but later I will. Love y'all. La Revedere!!!! Cu drag, Elder Lee.

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