Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

What's up folks? I guess I should say "Happy New Year!" to y'all. 2010 is over. It kind of went fast, for me at least. Hi 2011. In a week I hit my 4 month mark of my mission. It goes kind of fast. I'm excited to start a new year here; the start of my whole year in the mission!

   My past week was a good one. Elder Gunter and I have been finding people. A little uplifting story is in order: So we were knocking blocs trying to find people and get a lesson. At this time I've only ever had one lesson on a bloc knock. I knew we needed on that night. So, when we got to the first door, I said a quick, simple prayer to Heavenly Father that we may be blessed with some success. I guess I was meaning, "bless us with a lesson!". Lo and behold, two doors later, a nice 30 something year old man named Eduard warmly invited us in so we could chat about the Restoration. He even served us some orange Fanta. We got in the restoration lesson and set up another time to meet with him, tonight. There you go! Something very simple, yet a small miracle. My quick little prayer was answered!  Anyways, we continue to knock blocs and give out English class fliers to people on the streets. We had 5 lessons total, got an investigator to come to church, and got that new guy, Eduard, as a new investigator! Sweet deal.

   We also had a fun week. One day, we (as a district) went la tara (countryside) to a member, fratele Iancu, to have a meal and give a quick little spiritual thought. We got a random person to drive us there (its sketch, I know) BUT we paid him. It was about a half hour north to a village called Tescan. Iancu's home is very humble and shack-like, but it was warm inside and we had tons of food, including, but not limited to: ciorba (sour soup), salata de beof, sarmale, mici (sausage like meats) and bread. I was very good and filling. We got a maxi taxi back to Bacau. On New Years Eve, we went to another member's home, Sora Profira, to have yet more salata de beof and sarmale, as well as cozonac (a sweet bread). We then went to spend the night at the other elders' apartment. For New Year's Day, we saw fireworks out the window at 12 midnight with tons of people cheering. It sounded like a war zone!  We slept in till 8 and for the day, we did absolutely nothing. The reason we stayed inside and did nothing is because everyone is drunk or wasted from the previous New Year's eve parties. No effective missionary work was really done, except later, handing out English fliers. It was fun.

   We had a good church. 5 members came and the one investigator, Petronela, came with her sons! It was sweet to see her there! We all bore our testimonies cuz it was fast Sunday.

   A lot of our investigators were gone this past week for the holidays I assume. This next week we should be able to have more lessons with them, that is if they even answer their phones. Anyways, all else is doing well. I still have an awesome companionship with Elder Gunter. We do well together. On p-days, we just go to the mall here, email, eat our weekly dose of KFC, look at stores, then just chill for a while before getting groceries. I am pretty sure I will be transferred after this transfer, giving me this whole month  of January to still be here. I'm enjoying all of it.

   I love reading your emails (mom and dad) It's good to hear that all is well. It looks like you had fun at Tom and Kim's condo. Hopefully you had a fun New Year's Eve and day. I got an email from Elder Truman Rowley again. He's doing so well! I also got an e-mail from Elder Taylor Fisher. He has 10 days left till the MTC! I wished him well and am excited for him! Missions are very very cool things! I am also excited for BYU to start up again for my friends there! Pretty soon, I'll be back thar. It' good that y'all are doing well. Thanks for your prayers, support, emails, etc. I'm out of things to say for today. Have a happy January! Lurve y'all! La revedere!!!

    Cu drag, Elder Lee.

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