Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, January 10, 2011

I've Been on My Mission for Four Months and Loving Every Minute!

Howdy friends and family! How are we all? I'm swell,of course. I hit my 4-month mark! Hmm, I'll try to think of other stuff to talk about.

    So this past week was pretty basic. We got 7 lessons, and again, we found a sweet, promising lady while knocking blocs. We got in the 1st lesson with her. It feels good to find new people and get lessons while bloc knocking. At the beginning of the week, the zone leaders came over to exchange, not with us, but with the other elders here. It was fun to have them around. They're super awesome peeps (Elder Toronto and Elder Sullivan).Elder Sullivan can shred the piano like nobody's business! He's so good! He's from St. George. Also, Elder Toronto went to the high school in Salt Lake where they filmed High School Musical. He was on the football team there and was in a deleted or alternate scene from the show. ha. They had a good exchange with the others, and we also had a good district meeting with them. They're supposed to some up again and exchange with me and Elder Gunter in a few days.

   Later in the week, the senior couple missionaries from Galati came up. They are Elder and Sora Van Wagoner. They're from Utah, near Cedar City and Zions Park (New Harmony or something?) They are super nice. They had a dinner and invited some members and less actives. Then they came to church the next morning. Elder Van Wagoner is hilarious, he's so talkative and full of energy. That Sunday morning, it kinda rained (instead of snowed) and it made the ground incredibly slippery and icy, like everywhere! It was an extremely dangerous walk to the villa, and I happened to slip and fall on my butt. But, to no avail, injury or even soreness did not come of it.

   At church, 5 members showed up and 2 were less-actives! Thanks to the Van Wagoners, we got a couple less actives to come. After church, Sora Van Wagoner drew caricatures of all of us missionaries. She's way good at it! I got a sweet picture of me playing a guitar. It's very accurate too. For lunch that day, we made a delicious homemade soup with chicken and taters and stuff. We got to talk to 2 less-active people and share good lessons with them about the Atonement and covenants.

   That's all of the specifics I can remember. Bacau is still keeping it real. It's not too cold, but is still a bit snowy. Elder Gunter is still super awesome! I like it here, but I'm also excited to get transferred (in a month, I'm pretty sure). So everything is good, good, good. I'm understanding the language better and speaking better. I wanna see another baptism here! It'll happen, I'm not sure I'll be here anymore when it does. There are 2 people extremely close. They just need to GO TO CHURCH! Church is fun! Why not go? We will continue to work towards that with them!

   It's good to hear everyone and everything at home is doing well. I wish success to Elder Taylor Fisher as he's leaving this week! In answering my friend Miles's questions: I have seen little old ladies sweeping sidewalks and in parks with their little home-made stick brooms. I have seen one or two horse-drawn buggies in the countryside. There are gypsies everwhere. You can just tell they're gypsies, mainly from their clothing. I have refrained from eating street vendors food. There are actually no street vendors here in Bacau, but probably in Bucuresti there are tons. I love Romania!
   Keep doing well parents and family and friends! Enjoy January. I have been able to email Elder Tyler Lee in Denmark, and he's having the time of his life there! It's good to hear from him. I haven't heard from any other BYU roommates or friends yet. Anyways, I encourage more people to check up on this here blog to see how things are going from a missionary's perspective in Romania. I'm out of things to say I think. Lurve y'all! La revedere!  Cu drag, Varstnicul Lee.

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