Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, January 17, 2011

It is finally starting to warm up in Bacau!

Howdy y'all. Hope you had a good week. I did. It's getting warmer here a bit. All the snow's melted. It's sunny. The question is how long will it stay like this? I dunno. It's still winter for a little while. I'm enjoying the warmer weather. I'll try to remember what happened this last week.

     One day while cleaning the church villa, a random man from off the street tried to get in, but we had the door locked. It turns out he just wanted to learn more about us, so we let him in. He had the annoying stench of beer on his breath, but that's not surprising. We were able to have a lesson with him about the Restoration and what we believe. He seemed sincere. We haven't heard back from him. I love serendipitous lessons.

      The next day, we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Sullivan. We had a good day. We only got one lesson, but it was a good one with our investigator Daniel, who is very cool. It was fun to have the ZL's over and get to know them more. The day after the next day after that (2 days later, thats a lot easier) we exchanged within our district. I went with Elder Gauthier. We had a lesson with a less active. We also met a lady at the blocs and had a sweet lesson with her. New investigator!!! Elder Gauthier rocked that lesson. The lady claimed (at the end of our Restoration lesson) that the BOM isn't true. We said to her that she couldn't even know that as she hadn't read or prayed about it. She's a strong Orthodox member, and said she relied on what ministers and priests tell her. Then, Elder Gauthier busted out the question: "well, who knows more for you than a priest or anybody else on Earth?" (the answer's God, in case you don't know) She unwillingly agreed to it being her Heavenly Father. We left her a pamphlet, but she wouldn't take the Book of Mormon yet.

    Church went well. We had the 5 regulars who normally come. Again, no investigators came. Going to church is the key indicator that they are progressing. So, they are choosing not to progress. We're working harder with them. Elder Gunter and I are still doing very well together. We're still finding people as well as helping less-actives get back to church. I still enjoy Bacau, especially with a bit warmer of weather. Yeah, anyways, last week was pretty basic apart from the exchanges we had. This next week we have interviews with President Lundberg.

    I (most likely) have only 2 more weeks here before I get transferred. I'm excited, but I'll miss Elder Gunter. He's helped me so much and we get along very well. I'm excited though, to be able to see all my MTC district pals in Bucharest at transfer day. We will all go to get our visas/residency cards that they have finally made for us since the first day in the country. I wonder where' I'll get transferred to and who I'll be with. I wouldn't mind a bigger city like Bucharest, Cluj, or Timisoara or something. I just don't like the pack up and sit on trains for long amounts of time part.

   It's good to hear that everyone's doing well. I really wish I could go to the new Cafe Rio in Redlands. Oh my, I miss their giant delicious salads.....I hope everyone in the ward is doing well. I also wish my friends at BYU to have tons of fun like I did. I'd like to hear from Elders Fisher and Campbell soon. I know they're doing well though. I got an email from Elder Tyler Lee. Haha. It's too bad to hear that he got unexpectedly emergency transferred from a big, strong ward he loved to a small town with a small branch. I emailed him. He'll get used to it. I wished him well. The branch here in Bacau is smaller than any branch he'll serve in there in Denmark!

   Well, good. I can't think of anything else to say. Thanks Mom for sending me pictures of Kenadee! She's getting so big!?! She looks cuter than ever. Keep sending me more pics! Thanks dad for your fun mission stories from England. I appreciate those. Well, I am done for today. Miss y'all. Peace and blessin's! La Revedere!

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