Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, January 24, 2011

In Bacau, Romania and still doing great!

Howdy everybody! How are people doing? I'm well. Romania is still keeping me very excited every day. Also, time is going very fast. I guess it just does that as a missionary. I almost hit 5 months! Anyways, let me tell you a little bit how my week was.

    So this week went well as usual. It was a little warmer than usual. Elder Gunter and I have been shifting our focus on the members of this branch. We only got 3 lessons this week with investigators. That's because we spent more time talking with the members about how they can do better to help us and reach out to inactives and less actives. They really need to improve on this. The branch is weak. We need the members to also go with us to lessons. A member present lesson is the most important lesson a missionary can have. Investigators need members as a support and friend. Unfortunately, member present lessons are extremely scarce here. Elder Gunter, though, is doing a great job as Branch President. We need to help our members now more than investigators. We also always need our investigators to come to church. A story about that: The other elders brought one of their investigators to church yesterday. I don't know him; it was the first time I saw him. He seemd cool and spoke English, but 10 minutes into Sacrament meeting, he said (out loud amidst a very awkward pause) that he didn't want to be there and asked if he could leave! It was his first time to church I guess. He spoke very loud and that made it more awkward. He left, wishing us a "nice service". Haha. He just wanted to strictly observe I guess. Maybe he thought we sang the hymns too bad or something! Church continued without further incident.

    The rest of the week was pretty normal, with interviews with the President on Wednesday, and another district exchange. At interviews, I got some mail I didn't even expect! Thank you Zach, The Lees, The Harlesses, The Mellors, and especially the Redlands 2nd ward primary! That was way nice! I love mail. About the exchange: I exchanged with Elder Kebker this time. It went well. We got no lessons, but did a hecka lotta walking, contacting, and block knocking. He is very diligent, despite how he's a little slower at learning the language. He taught me how to be more persistent through his enthusiastic example.

   I'm pretty sure I'll be transferred in a week. It's possible that missionaries stay 3 transfers in a city if they're not office elders, assistants, or branch presidents. I am ready to leave. I am excited to serve in another city with somebody new! The months and transfers go by so fast.

    So, something I've come to realize since I've been here is how much more I appreciate how big and living the church is, worldwide. As I see Orthodox people and churches, I am proud to be a member of a true and living church, which sends missionaries out worldwide to actively search for people prepared by God to recieve the restored Gospel. I also appreciate so much more General Conference and the Ensigns/Liahonas that contain its messages. We got the new November 2010 conference Liahona, and I love reading it. I also love how my BYU roommate, Jordan Beal, is on page 49, as a missionary in Ireland!!!! haha. He got his picture taken with others in his zone I'm guessing, in Dublin, Ireland. I loved seeing that! We only get 4 Romanian Liahonas sent to us here throughout the year. I appreciate them.

   Hmm, I can't think of much more that has happened this last week. Oh yeah, 2 weeks ago, I gave a talk at church on the Atonement and the resurrection. I used my Atonement report which I originally wrote in English to submit to President. So I kinda translated it there while I was talking! I shared a lot of scriptures, and according to Elder Gauthier, I spoke for "27 minutes"! I don't believe that. I guess I rambled on and repeated myself a lot. Anyways, I love this language. Even though it's useless outside of the country, it's very unique and not too hard.

   I am loving the work here with Elder Gunter. I find out next week about transfers. Stay tuned. I'll (99%) be transferred. It's good to hear about home. Sounds like Redlands 2nd ward is doing well. I heard from Elder Taylor Fisher from the MTC! He's doing well! He said some of the missionaries in his district are going to the San Bernardino mission! Crazy. He says he's getting used to it. He'll already be outta there pretty soon. I hope he loves Texas! I haven't heard from anyone else on their missions lately. Thanks mom and dad for your stories and feedback on how Redlands is. I hope the family keeps doing well! I want more pics of Kenadee!! I'm outta words for today. I love and miss you all! Later!  Cu drag, Elder Lee.

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