Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, February 21, 2011

Constanta is Great!

Greetings from Constanta again! How is everybody? I hope well. I am doing well like always. This past week went way fast, and as I think about it, my mission is going way fast! I will reach my 6 month mark in just 2 weeks! The end of this transfer is only in 3 more weeks! Crazy. Well, I'll try and remember what happened this last week.
   So the work here is slow. We have just about no investigators, except one. Her name is Aurelia, but I've never even met her yet. Basically, all we've done is hit the streets an blocs, trying to find new people. We make goals to get a certain amount of people talked to each day, to get their numbers, and to get lessons at the blocs. It's gong slow, but we're doing alright. We now have 11 potentials to try and set up with. Also, we've been trying to talk with people that come to English classes. There are a few girls that are interested in always staying for our spiritual thoughts afterwards. (Mom, you can accept those 2 friend requests, they're just english students I've met). Apart from that, nothing special has happened here.
   We did however, have good exchanges with the Bucharest East Zone Leaders. I went to Buc with Elder Frandsen. Those 2 days were way fun. We stayed in their nice apartment in Mihai Bravu (the east side of the city), did some street contacting, talked with a guy named Cezar at the chapel there, waited for a baptismal interview (the person never showed up), went bloc knocking and got a lesson out of it, and talked to a recent convert in a very humble little house-shed. We committed them to come to church. The next day, we did more streets, did a lot of bloc knocking and got 2 lessons out of it (one was with a sweet old lady and one was with a man who proclaimed he was Atheist, but liked to talk about God and was really nice...?). Then we had the most delicious shaormas I've had here so far. It tasted like In-n-Out mixed with Panda Express or something!!! Then, we had to get ready to leave back to Constanta where they spent the night and left in the next morning. They really helped us out with the work here. I loved serving for a few days in Bucharest. I would like to serve there soon.
  I have been working alright with Elder Johnsen. We've found some success together. Despite our differences, I've been getting used to him and Constanta. We are fun as a district. The weather here has been kinda cold and cloudy, but no snow has come. Today, we went to a store called Metro for groceries. It was fun because it's just like a Costco from home! We even had some free samples! I also bought a tie there for only 4 lei.
   We've been having fun english classes as well as church meetings. I like this branch. It's pretty cool. Only about 16 or 17 people come on average. They are strong members though. English classes are supposed to end soon, which is a bummer because we can find people from the classes to become our investigators. When they end, we spend a few weeks advertising again for the next sessions.
  I haven't really seen any cool places around here in the city yet, but a few days ago, Elder Johnsen and I decided to go street contacting a little north, which is a place called Mamaia. We quickly learned that it was a little dumb, because Mamaia is a beach tourist town. When we got there, it was a ghost town. Nothing was happening except for construction workers renovating buildings for the summer. We did talk to a few people though. It was cool to see a bit of Mamaia. We also had some good old Romanian food made for us. After English class on Saturday, a member named Mihaiela made us mamaliga and put goat cheese all over the top of it. We put some smantana (sour cream) on it and dug in! It was alright, just a little too salty. I don't like goat cheese that much!
  Hmm, apart from those things, nothing else has really happened this week.  President Lundberg announced the next mission president. He is Ned Hill. He works at BYU in finance or something. That will be very exciting and very different to be under him in a few months. Elder Johnsen felt a little sick the past 2 nights, but he's fine now. Now I feel like I'm getting a cold or allergies or something. Oh well. This past week just went too fast! I hope we find more success this week and I will have more to talk about next time.
   It's good to hear from home. Mom and dad, good job on killing that rat. Congrats to Collete getting engaged! Also, congrats to Sheree! Some fun things are happening! I saw Chris's article on that website. It's very good, but kinda boring haha. It's good that he continues with his writing antics. I also want to wish Kenadee an early Happy 1st Birthday!!! It's already been a year since she was born? Wow. I hope she has a fun birthday! I heard from the other Elder Lee. He's liking his area more and is doing well. He already only has 9 months left of his mission! I also heard from Elder Fisher. He is doing well and told me how his first church was. He said 100 or so people came and 7 investigators came! Good job! It's good that everyone (family and friends) are doing well. I pray for y'all every day!
   Well, that's about it for this email. Sorry it was boring. I have some pics though. Enjoy. I miss you and love you all. I shall write again in another week. Love y'all! La revedere!!! Love, Elder Lee.

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