Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bucharest is Great!

    Hello dragi frati si surori! How are you doing? Elder Lee here din nou. Time to tell y'all about my week I guess. Well, it was a good week. Elder Martin and I have been having lots of laughs and good work together. He's still not so accustomed to Buc quite yet. I think he's liking it though. I thought it would take me forever to get used to here, but it didn't. I am really liking my time here as district leader. It's a fun district and we all get along real well. Oh, before I forget, Happy Dad's day Dad! I lurve you. Thanks for having raised me in such a good home and family and doing all the many things that have helped me grow and be happy. I hope you had a great Sunday dad's day and enjoyed YOUR day. I kinda forgot it was father's day here. It doesn't exist here. It was a good Sunday yesterday though. I did make it to church this time without any food poisoning. I also gave a little talk in Sacrament about keeping the commandments. I used Mosiah 2: 22-24 and 41 or something. I like those verses.

    The week has gone a little slow, but was full of english contacting and sign-ups and lessons and things. Only 13 people came to sign up for english. That's bad. We hope more come to the actual classes. On Saturday, we as a district did some chalk contacting. Meaning we drew the plan of salvation on the ground in a busy intersection of a park path (at Herastrau) and just stopped and talked with people about the plan. It was really fun and pretty productive. Lots of people talked, but lots just flew on through on their bikes or rollerblades. It got my district leader stamp of approval. So I did end up buying a 500 gig hard drive for about 270 lei. It's super nice and will be a cool little tool to store tons of pictures and musics. It was a good investment. My first district meeting (adica, conducting one) went well. I just talked about finding people and how it is an act of faith. Good stuff.

   Elder Martin and I are talking with 2 new guys, Daniel and George. Elder Farr and I found Daniel in Parcul Cismigiu and we were finally able to set up with him because he had been busy with exams. We talked in the park all about the restoration (some guy interrupted us for awhile, man I hate that) and committed him to pray and read the BOM. He had already read half of the BOM! We're gonna talk to him again tomorrow after english class (he's also interested in free english! Who wouldn't be?). George was found by Elder Martin and me in Parcul Cismigiu too. He's a nice guy who was interested in our message and the BOM. We were able to meet him a second time and have a full resto. lesson. He's read some of the BOM and he's really interested in it. We committed him to pray about it. We hope we can keep working with these 2 new guys because it seems to me that they have a sincere desire to learn more and keep talking to us. We didn't have any investigators in church yesterday unfortunately. Our favorite Italian lawyer Salvatore is doing well, but in our last visit, he decided he did not want to go to church (our church) any more at least for a time. He said he preferred to just read and pray alone. He also doesn't understand a lot of the words spoken at church because he doesn't know completely Romanian. It bummed us out! We shared some stuff from Elder Oaks' Desire talk. We wanted to make sure he had a desire to attend sacrament meeting. I guess for now, no. But, we'll keep talking with him once a week and see where things go. Otherwise, other people are doing well. Our recent convert Iulian is doing well, but hasn't come to church for the past 3 Sundays. He said he'd come with his mom yesterday but called and said she no longer could go. It's sad. I don't want him to already be both a recent convert AND less active. Sora Bobeanu (the sick sora) is doing well. She's kinda always just on her bed, but I always like our Sunday sacrament visits. We gave her the Liahona to read. She's a good example of having complete faith in the Lord. She wants to get better so she can still do things to help others. Her testimony is rock solid.

   Yeah, the work's going well. No baptisms coming up any time in the near future, but we have a goal to get 1 baptismal date this week as a companionship. Our zone goal is to get 7 baptisms as a zone (1 per companionship in this transfer). There were 2 baptisms this past week in the whole mission. Someone from Chisinau and someone from Cluj. Pres. and Sora Lundberg are getting very close to leaving. We'll all miss them.

   It's good that all is well in the home-neck of the woods. Mom and dad, keep being excited for your big trip. Mom's taking organ lessons? That's pretty cool. I hope Chris settles with a good job that he can enjoy. I also hope Mark and Jamie's new assignments will go well. The ward is doing well as always. Mom and dad, say hi to people at church for me. Tell Bishop Larson that I miss him and appreciate him a ton for all the things he's done with us when we were all scouts. I hope everything else is all well. I'm out of things to say. I love y'all and please, keep it real. Mai vorbim ok? La revedere! Love, Elder Lee.

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