Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, June 13, 2011

Still working Hard in Bucharest

Howdy y'all.Ce faceti voi? Sper ca bine. Things are going well over here in Mihai Bravu. Not too much happened this past week except transfers. Transfers come up way too fast. Anyways, it's been fun so far. My new comp Elder Martin is from Orem. He has served in Chisinau, Oradea, Brasov, and Bacau. He's a fun guy. It's been fun with him so far helping him adjust to Buc and working with him (especially doing a lot of english contacting). Being a district leader is not too different, I just have to make more calls and set up appointments. I also need to do a correlation meeting, go to PEC meeting, and conduct district meetings. It's not too overwhelming. It's been fun and it's good that I learn the ropes of district leader-ness now because pretty soon, the mission will be really young and lots of younger missionaries will have to be in leadership positions. President and Sora Lundberg leave in 3 weeks or so, so we'll all miss them. They just moved out of the mission home to a hotel so the home can be prepped for the new president, Pres. Hill.

  It has been a little rainy here for the past week. It's nice and warm though, and not too humid. The rain can really be annoying on a mission though. It's cleared up a little bit today though. My district is really fun and this morning, we had breakfast at the Wolsey's. I also saw Elder Farr today when we all met up and played ultimate frisbee. He's a funny kid. Elder Martin and I have been doing english contacting as of late in order to get a sweet new class. We've also met a few people and had some park lessons. I hope he's liking the change from Bacau to Bucharest! On Sunday (yesterday), I woke up feeling nasty sick. I had a stomach ache and bad nausea. I ended up throwing up and throwing up and throwing up some more. I think I got food poisoning from McDonalds that we had on Saturday. I wanted to try some beef wrap thing, and it was ok, but not great. So it gave me a miserable Sunday morning, but I am feeling all better now. I had to miss church, and I eventually slept off all my nausea. Fun times! I don't remember the last time I ever got food poisoned. I really don't think I have until yesterday. I don't recommend it!

  The work has been going well. We don't have any baptismal dates, but the sisters do. It has to be changed because the girl, Amelia, didn't come to church. My goal is to find people that will progress. We have a couple of investigators now, but there are 2 with whom I don't know what to do anymore. They need to come to church. We've already taught them everything. Our little Iulian is doing well. But I don't think he has come to church the past 2 weeks. Dang. He's a recent convert and needs to go, but it's not the easiest thing for his grandma to pick him up every time (she lives far away from him). On last Wednesday night, we met with Sora Gorzo with the ZL's and had some delicious ardei impluti (stuffed peppers). She's a really cool member and even says "How's it going homie" and "What's up dawg" in english! As a district, we were wanting to go to a park and draw the plan of salvation with chalk on the ground and talk to some people about it, but it has been too wet! We'll still keep trying when it gets less rainy. It's really fun to be around Elder Schroedter. He's a great missionary. Right now out of my group, he's the only zone leader, me, Elder Nilsson, Elder Pettit, and Elder Green are DL's (Elder Green is also training), and the rest are senior and junior companions in cities such as Craiova, Galati, Buc, Timisoara, Constanta, Deva, Pitesti, etc. We're all getting so old!

  It's great to hear how home is doing. June gloom I hear? That's what's happening here. I'm excited for Elder Barlow. He will be a great missionary. Mom, I know you're enjoying your big break! You guys only have a month until your trip! I think Sara and Matt Holden should also come here to Romania! How is the ward and things? I always forget what big stuff is happening. I heard from Chris, and he said they might live in Ephraim for a year. That'd be cool. How are Mark and Jamie and Kenadee doing? I like all the pics of Kenadee. Can she talk yet? By the way Dad, I received your iPhone message, so it works! That's kinda nifty that you can send messages with it. Well, I hope everything else is good. I am out of stuff to say. I'm still probably gonna buy a hard drive soon. Stuff's going good around my neck of the woods. Well, I love you all. Mai vorbim. La revedere. Elder Lee.

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