Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Staying in Bucharest!

  Hello dragi frati si surori! Ce mai faceti? Eu Fac bine ca de obicei. So, hello again! Elder Lee here. Hope everyone is well. This week has been really fun. I had my 20th birthday on Tuesday. We made some cake and had a fun district meeting and went to Ruby Tuesday's to chow down. I got some southwestern quesadillas and a strawberry lemonade and loved it. We went with the zone leaders and had a good time. The rest of the day was just a normal missionary's day though. I had a fun time. This week has kinda gone slow because it's the last week of the transfer. I hate transfers!! It makes me dizzy sometimes wondering what's gonna happen. I was kinda expecting what would happen to me though, and I guessed right. Here's the lowdown: I'm staying put in Mihai Bravu, and I'm going district leader! Whaaaaat??? Crazy. I'm not a junior comp anymore! I kinda guessed I would replace Elder Farr, because he's going zone leader in Panduri (the west side of Buc). It's probably gonna be a bit of a change being the one more in charge and doing some district leader responsibilities, but yet, I'm excited. I'm excited for my new companion, Elder Martin. He's in the group below me and I met him back in MTC days. He's from Utah somewhere and I love him! Also, Elder Veenendaal is staying as my zone leader, with Elder Schroedter (in my MTC group) as the my other new zone leader! It's gonna be way cool! He's a really young ZL, but he's a great missionary. I'll also still have Sora Hansen (who's super cool) in my district, and her new comp will be Sora Ausen. Transfers are crazy!

   Hmm, not too much else has happened this week. I went on a short exchange with Elder Brunner whle Elder Veenendaal and Elder Farr went to mission council. He's been a good zone leader and he's going into his last transfer (training a new elder from Sibiu, Elder Samoila). Elder Brunner is from Las Vegas and he is hilarious. I'll miss him when he leaves. There are 4 elders leaving this Wednesday (Gulden, Harvey, Shillabeer, and Sullivan) and 4 new elders coming in. Then, after this next transfer ends, 12 elders will go home (including my favorite Elder Gunter!) and 10 or 11 or 12 new elders will come in. Basically, it's gonna be a dang young mission! Furthermore, President and Sora Lundberg leave in like 3 weeks! Then the Hill's will come in. It'll be an interesting change. I just feel like singing "ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!" by David Bowie right now! I think the mission only had one baptism this week in Balti (Moldova). I forgot the total number this year. There are quite a few baptismal dates in the mission however. The soras here in Mihai Bravu are hoping to get a baptism on June 18th I think. I don't know the person getting baptized though. There is a new office elder too- Elder Miner- from the group right under me. Working in the office is a 6 month term. I guess I avoided it (for now at least!).

   The work has gone well as of late, but no new progressing investigators. Elder Martin and I will need to get finding more and more people that will want to progress and get baptized! We'll do lots of park contacting and continue to work with our existing investigators (getting them to church especially). I want to be a good district leader and example, even if I may feel inadequate at times. But, as I said, this mission's becoming really young, so lots of missionaries will need leadership positions out of necessity. Besides investigators, we've been talking with our new recent convert Iulian and may start reviewing the lessons with him again. Also, we have visited some less active members (because they are sick) including Sora Bobianu and Fratele Manescu. Really cool people! On Sunday, Elder Farr and I visited Sora Gorzo, a member who has known lots and lots of missionaries. She is really cool, but is sick right now, so we gave her the Sacrament. She fed us some salata de beouf and her delicious ciorba de pui (chicken soup). She showed us lots of pictures of missionaries now home (mainly all their wedding announcements). Fun stuff. Anyways, Mihai Bravu's doing alright now, and I hope I can be a good district leader now.

   How are you family? I'm happy that's it's summer time. That means summer break (not for me though). I'm excited for your trip mom and dad! Thanks for all the cool news about the ward and things. Thanks to all those who wished me a happy birthday! Congrats to all those who graduated high school! I can't believe I've already been graduated for 2 years now. Well, I bet there's a lot more cool news. Mom and dad, keep me posted! I'm pretty much done for today. Hey mom and dad, I'm thinking of getting a hard drive this next transfer sometime. It would be like 300 lei (for 500 gigs), but it would be a very good investment. I can store all of my pictures and music on it. Also, I could use it long after my mission for things. Just a heads up. Well, I can't think of things to say anymore. I'm a district leader now. That's the big news. Weird. Exciting. Cool, well, I love you all and we'll talk laters!! La revedere!! LOVE, Elder Lee.

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