Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, December 12, 2011

Back to only us two missionaries in Craiova

Dear Dragii Mei:

   Good morning! It's Elder Lee, like always. Have you had a good week? I have. Craiova's been treating me well. It was Elder Veenendaal's last week of his mission! It has been fun serving around him again for 3 more weeks. He'll be flying home early for Christmas on Wednesday morning. I'll miss him. He was my office elder when I first came in. It's sad to say bye to awesome missionaries. We had fun living together in the same apartment, but I'm about ready to have 2 guys in an apartment again! So, Elder Rasmussen will be going to Galati with Elder Kebker. I'll stay in Craiova with Elder Abbott! Time for some 2-man madness. I'm excited to stay here with him. We love each other. We both came to Craiova October 12th. We hope to do some good work together! I know we'll have a great time and do a lot of work. I want to do a lot of work! The weather in Craiova is actually like September weather! It's been sunny and a little cloudy and wet, and not that cold. There is no snow at all yet. It's the middle of December. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Where is my white Christmas!?! Maybe it will snow in a week or two. We're going to have the Christmas party in Buc on the 23rd. It'll be fun: tie and scarf exchange (white elephant style), dinner, the mission dvd with pics, dinner, and fireside. I'll get to stay the night at Elder Bateman's apartment! I'm looking forward to that.

   Right now, I'm actually in Buc. Elder Abbott and I are spending most of our p-day here. The reason is because last night, as we dropped off Elders Rasmussen and Veenendaal at the gara in Craiova, they they realized they forgot to bring the woodcarvings!(done for some missionaries going home by Ninel, a cool carver guy in Craiova that lots of missionaries work with to get temples and stuff carved into wood, pretty cool stuff) Their train was to leave in ten minutes. Elder Abbott and I booked it back to the apartment and picked them up, but the taxi guy was too slow, and we missed their train! They needed to bring those to Buc by the end of Tuesday. So, Elder Abbott and I decided to just come here early in the morning by maxi taxi with the carvings and get them to the office. We got to say bye to Elder Veenendaal one last time. The last thing he said to us before their train left was "GET THE WOODCARVINGS! HURRY!" haha. So, we're here at internet. We actually are going to have a lesson at The Petria family on the way back to Craiova in Slatina tonight(nearby Craiova). They're the super awesome family in which the wife and kids recently got baptized. So, it should be a good day. The branch is doing well. Gina's still strong, and we met Alexandru, trying to get him to church. He just doesn't want to least now. There are a lot of members Elder Abbott and I should visit and help come back to church. Our investigator  Paula has not been able to meet the past 2 times and hasn't answered her phone the past few times I've called. So, we need to find more people!!! Mainly, through english class!

   The apartment in Craiova is so much more quiet. It's weird. Elder Abbott and I feel like empty-nesters. It'll be so good to have quietness and not so much of a mess. We got inspected by the Panduri senior couple, the Wahlquists yesterday. They came to church in Craiova and gave awesome talks. Elder Wahlquist spoke on how when he was a 7 year old boy, he lived on a farm with cows and chickens and stuff, including a bull. His mom taught him never to ran away from a bull if it were ever to chase him, but rather to run towards it. One day, he was walking back from milking the cows, looked back, and noticed it chasing him! So, he did what his mom taught him because he trusted her. He ran towards it, and it went around him, because it was merely running trying to catch up with the cows. He likened the experience unto us, trusting in God and His commandments and then doing them. Good talk. It'll be kinda more lonely in Craiova also because Brother Spooner is leaving to be home with his family for the holidays. He's leaving in like 3 days and won't be back until January 2nd. So, it's looking like a skype call wouldn't happen at their place. I don't know if other members have internet, but I know the internet cafe we use has computers with webcams. I assume we'd do the call on Saturday, Dec. 24th or Monday the 26th, maybe 7 at night (Craiova time) or something. Stay tuned for the exacts.

   That's about it for me in my neck of the woods. I hope you guys are doing well. It's good to hear that you're all doing awesome. Hope you're excited for Christmas. Mom, have you been doing a lot of shopping? I'm glad you did well singing for the Christmas deal. How are things at church and work mom and dad? I wonder if Tyler will be married by the time I get back. Now that would be weird. Congrats BYU football for ending an ok season with a good game. No more Jake Heaps? I'll be looking forward to hear how BYU basketball does. It's good all my missionary pals are loving their missions. We were in the mission office earlier this morning, and I looked at the "Incoming Missionaries" packet thing. I found Miles!!!! I can't wait to see him. Well, I'm about done. Have a festively good week and think about Christ! Mai vorbim. Va iubesc! Have a good week. Pa!

Love, Elder Lee

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