Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White (Romanian) Christmas!

To Whom It May Concern:

   Good Monday! It's time for another letter from Elder Lee. Let's see what's new....Well, it's almost Christmas. I think we all know that. It looks like Elder Abbott will just be chillin' here in Craiova on Christmas Sunday. We have an hour of church on Christmas--standard procedure, I guess. We'll be in Buc on Friday for our party. It'll be fun. We leave Friday morning. So, dad, it says it's gonna snow here later this week? That would be cool. I like snow. I don't want my last Christmas in Romania to be without that pretty white fluffiness all over. So, it's been a good week. Nothing of too much noteworthiness took place. Like I said last week, Elder Abbott and I were in Buc for P-day. Also, on Wednesday and Thursday, we had exchanges with Elder Pettit and Elder Johnsen, our ZLs. They came down, and I stayed with Elder Pettit for 2 days here, while Elder Abbott and Elder Johnsen returned to Bucharest. I had a good time with Elder Pettit. We did some villa-knocking, bloc-knocking, met with a couple members, Sora Panduru and Ileana, and had a cool lesson with Paula (Gina was there too). We wee glad to meet Paula after some time of no contact. We really focused on her and followed up on her BOM reading and praying. She hadn'e read for a 2 week period. We basically talked again about the importance of the BOM and testified that as she does her part, God will do His part. He will answer. She just has to knock with faith. She is now reading more from the BOM and came to church again. Gina and her are friends and we're grateful for Gina's help. Otherwise, our other investigators, Daniela, Cosmina, Dani, and Simona just need to be met with! Elder Pettit is a great zone leader and we talked about zone goals and such. We took a train back to Buc (nearly missed it, if it wasn't for our crazy taxi driver who sped past traffic by going in the opposite lane!) We made it into the train just seconds before it took off! We stayed at their apt and then Elder Abbott and I took yet another train back to Craiova the next morning. It was completely full of people! I don't get how or why they'd sell all those tickets for a train that was filled past occupancy! We had to stand for half of the trip. Luckily, two guys got off at a city before Craiova, and Elder Abbott and I stole their seats and were able to sit for the second half. Fun!

   We did meet with Simona the other night. So, she is actually Sora Gorzo's niece! When Elder Veenendaal was here, Sora Gorzo called him and asked if they could make a visit to her (she lives in Craiova and teaches at some school out of town) Elder Abbott and him went and shared a spiritual thought. Us 2 went to her the other night and had a full Restoration lesson, and invited her to read the BOM and pray. She already knows a little about the church. It was cool. She's going to Cluj for the Holidays, so we hope to keep in touch. Everyone else is doing well. The Spooner's are in America for the Holidays, yet, we still had a good church. A member from the District Presidency in Buc came and spoke. Elder Abbott and I taught Priesthood- we talked about Desire by Elder Oaks. It's actually fun teaching out of thew GenCon Liahonas. I love using quotes from living Apostles in lessons!

  Not too much else happened. Everything is going well. I'm excited for Christmas and New Years. Elder Abbott and I are having fun and we get along really well. So, a little more about him: He's from Orem, Utah. He's a swimmer; did swimming in high school (at Orem High I think). He did a year at BYU before his mission (stayed at Helaman Halls). He's in his 4th transfer. He started his mission in Deva, with Elder Hyatt as he trainer. He's in the same group as Elder Jones, in fact, they were MTC companions. He's a smart guy and just super easy to get along with. We're having a good time together in Craiova.

  Thanks for the news from home, mom and dad. I still haven't gotten the package yet mom, but I should at the party in Buc on Friday. I got a package from the Poulsons though! I don't know what exactly it is though, because Elder Abbott took the contents out and wrapped them as gifts and put them under our Xmas tree. Yeah, we have a "tree", you see, it's made out of green construction paper. Elder Abbott's family sent it to him complete with paper ornaments. We bought some lights at the piata for 7 lei and taped them on the tree. Lookin' pretty! As for the Skype stuff, I tried getting on my Skype, but it's not letting me in. I'm pretty sure my name is "XretrohouseX" or something. I guess I forgot the password too. It still didn't let me on after doing the "forgot your password?" stuff, so I don't know. I'll keep trying. What's your name on skype mom and dad? I guess I may send you guys an email sometime this week if I have to, to get things finalized. Monday (the 26th) night at 7 pm Craiova time works better for Elder Abbott's family, so would that be fine? If not, then Saturday at 7 pm Craiova time. We'll keep in email touch this week if we have to. Be ready for any possible emails from me before Skype will happen, ok? Well, I guess that's it. I hope you guys have a great week. Merry Christmas! Craciun Fericit! We'll talk. Ciao!

Love, Elder Lee

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