Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Dear Family and Friends:

  Ho Ho Ho! Guess what happened? Christmas happened! Yay! Craciun Fericit! Sper ca voi toti ati avut un craciun asa de frumos! I did! It's that time of year again. I remember my first Christmas here in the country. Had a good time in Bacau with Elder Gunter. It was snowy and cold. We went to Chisinau, caroled at a few less-active members, gave them brownies, had good food. It's been a year since then. This Christmas has been really enjoyable. Elder Abbott and I had a great time on Christmas, even though we're alone in Craiova. It started on Friday night with the Buc Xmas party! On the train ride there, there was snow out in la tara! However, there was no snow in Buc. Or here in Craiova...But the party was super fun.

  We started with a tie and scarf exchange (well, after I went to a little leadership meeting with district and zone leaders first). I ended up with a cheesy holiday tie (that was proudly worn on Christmas day a couple days later). Then we had free time to chill, ate some snacks and stuff. A few of us went outside to carol for a few minutes before dinner. Dinner was a feast. We got turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, jello, A&W Root Beer, dessert....Headed into the chapel to view the mission dvd slideshow. There were  tons of super cool and funny pictures sent in by all the missionaries and put together by the office elders. Finished with a testimony meeting. Had a sleepover with Elder Bateman and his comp, Elder Doloscan (from Moldova). The next day, we trained it back to Craiova. I opened a few letters from awesome friends. Thanks Bro. Ririe, the Mellor's and all you who sent me letters. They are hugely appreciated. We wrapped each other packages (which made it feel a lot more like christmas--you know, the wrapped up gifts and excitement of opening them). We made another caroling visit to the Panduru's. Florin, the father was visiting from his work in Italy. We gave them cookies and shirts Elder Gauthier left for them. We went and bought a movie (don't worry, President Hill gave us permission to view an animated movie for the holidays) Elder Abbott and I got "Tangled"- the one about Rapunzel. It was pretty funny, and nice to just watch a movie.

  Christmas morning! We also got permission to sleep in til 8. So, we did so gladly. Went to church. It was just us 2, the Radulescu's, and 2 nonmembers that always come, but don't really want to be investigators. It was a good meeting. I lead the music now (I learned how to do it, it's pretty fun) We sang Christmas hymns. I gave a little talk using Helaman ch. 14 --another witness of Christ's birth and divinity. I also shared Moroni 10:32. Christmas is really a good time to help us perfect our faith in Christ, and as members of His church, we get the blessing of doing this every single day through the covenants we make and through His restored Gospel. Yay! The Radulescu's had us over for a Christmas meal- ciorba, salata de beouf, sarmale, and a super good cheese pastry dessert, cooked by Sora Radulescu. Went home to open our presents! I really enjoy all my gifts! Thanks Rod and Kaye for the tie and shirt and thanks mom and dad for all the stuff in that package! I really dig the In-n-Out shirt! We chilled in our apartment, and just enjoyed the time of Christmas day. Still no snow in Craiova though...but that's fine.

  So, yeah, I've had a great one. I hope you all had a good one too. I look forward to skyping tonight mom and dad. Be ready! Thanks for your love and support and all. I hope you're enjoying the time you have with Chris and Liz. I'm having a fun time with Elder Abbott in Craiova! That's about it, I guess. I love y'all. Have a good week. Ciao!

Love, Elder Lee

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