Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Back in Bacau - I've come full circle!

Dear loved ones:

   Hello. It's Elder Lee/President Lee. I hope you have had a good week. I have. I'm back in Bacau! It's about the same as a I remember. The huge Orthodox church is a lot more finished, but still not finished. It's been a little warmer lately. The snow has melted, but there is still a lot of snow. Being back brings back fun memories with Elder Gunter as a boboc. I still think it's funny (and a little weird) that I'm back as the BP. My companion, Elder Peterson, is very cool. He lived in my apartment when he was a boboc in Buc (with Elder Bateman). So, we already know each other. He's from Bluffdale, Utah. He went to school at Utah State. He's a runner and has done track at school and growing up. He is in his 5th transfer. He's only been in Buc and here in Bacau. We get along well.

   He also knows all the things I need to do as BP (like making calendars, conducting sacrament, finances, and other things). He showed me everything important in my office. Yeah, that's right, I have my own office! Things are going well. It's not so overwhelming (I've served with two branch presidents previously in my mission, so I kinda know what's up). The branch is still super tiny. At church yesterday, only Alin, Daniel, and Sora Dragomir came. Alin is the one that always calls me "Bruce Lee". He's a good member. Daniel is one of my good friends I met when I was last here. He was baptized last year in November. He's super cool. Sora Dragomir is super nice and always comes to church. We had a few members not come who were assigned to give talks and the sunday school lesson, so Elder Peterson and I both gave talks and gave the Sunday School lesson. Kinda like Craiova days, right?

  We have a few cool investigators right now. So far, I have only met Iulian and Maria, a cool couple that live near us. Elders Farr and Fonnesbeck (or Herman...) found them and began teaching them. They know english and are super nice. We committed them to work towards a baptismal goal on March 31st! They are trying to quit smoking and keep reading the BOM. Before I got here, the missionaries have done a stop-smoking program, so we gave them a paper with 15 steps to stop smoking. Apparently, it's a very succesful program. We also have a couple other investigators named Iulia and Ionela, but I haven't met them yet.

  This week, we will be going to Chisinau! We're having zone conference up there on Friday. It will be cool to go up and see it again. Elder Jones is serving in Iasi now, so we'll be able to see each other too. Also, there will be a branch conference next Sunday, and Pres. Chirila (the first counselor in the Mission District) will come down. Should be cool. That's kinda all the big news around here. I'm just getting used to the fact that I'll be here for a while probably. I just hope something can change with this branch and that I can do something for it.

  It's good to hear all the news from home, especially about Tyler and Chelsea. I knew it was coming (for real). Congrats to them!
Too bad I won't get to be there to be Tyler's best man. It's kinda weird to me how he'll already be married when I get back...It's also cool that Chris and Liz are going to move into a house soon. Saratoga Springs? How is it over there? Got a view of Utah Lake? Sounds nice I guess. I hope everything goes well with that. Mom and dad, yes, I got the Valentine's package. Thanks a ton! I also got a package from The Harless's. Thanks! So, yeah. It's getting a bit warmer, and I'm getting used to being a BP. It's a neat opportunity, and I know it will be tough. But, I know I will learn things that I yet need to learn by being here and doing this. I'm pretty much done for today. Have a good week. Mai vorbim! Ciao!

Love, President Lee (P.S. I ordered a "Presedintele Lee" nametag. Should be cool to wear it!)

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  1. I'm glad you finally got our package. Wow! The mail is slower than I thought since we sent it in December for Christmas. Oh well, Happy Valentine's Day - good thing nothing was perishable. Sounds like you are doing a good job, President Lee. Keep up the great spirit! Love, the Harlesses