Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Farewell to February - It's been a busy month!

Dear Iubitilor:

  Good Monday! How are you today? President Lee is doing fine. Bacau is doing fine. The weather has warmed up a little, but in the last 2 days kinda got cooler. A lot of snow is melting, but there's still so much. It's all slushy and wet in the daytime, but it kinda freezes over a little bit again during the night. It's almost March, which also means it's almost my year and a half mark! I've been out here for a while now, and I've loved it. I'm going to have to get ready to come home and get back into school soon. The months go by too fast. Well, this past week was a good one. It was kinda a tiring one too.

  So, we had both zone conference and branch conference this week. Not much happened earlier in the week, except that we met with Sava--the guy who has stopped smoking through the stop-smoking program. We tried to teach him the Restoration. It went ok. He's a talker, and it took a while to get through it. By the end, I was kinda getting a bit frustrated because of how long it took us. Also, I don't think he really understood much of it. But, we did a good job letting him know why we're here and why it matters so much that we believe in the BOM and the restored Gospel. On Thursday, we left on a maxi taxi to Iasi (on our way to Chisinau for zone conference). It was a fun day, just a lot of sitting. We met up with the Iasi missionaries and all travelled across the border to Moldova (for the second time for me). We got to Chisinau and slept in a hotel. The district and zone leaders had a leadership meeting that night, which left only Elder Jones and I at the hotel. So, we went out and got some dinner! We also got some "Jaffa" juice, which is probably the most real and tasty juice ever. Their pomegranite juice, for example, actually tastes like the sweet, sour, bitter seeds you find in a real pomegranite. We had a great zone conference and heard things about prayer, member work, and baptismal invitations. We looked at the piata real quick before leaving. I kinda wanted a caciula (the big dead rabbit hat you wear on your head in the winter) but didn't find one. So, we left by maxi taxi again to Iasi, where we stayed in a super nice Ramada hotel there for the night. Iasi is a cool city! I'd like to serve there (but probably have not enough time left in my mission). It's got billions of churches and tons of hills. It's pretty.

   So, we finally got back to Bacau and were pretty wiped out. We then had to start preparing for our Bacau brach conference. We met with Pres. Chirila (1st Counselor in the Mission District) as well as the Heningers (a senior couple here now moving to Brasov). We went over the program and all. It turned out to be a great conference. We had 9 members come, and 6 total visitors. It was only my 2nd Sunday as BP here, and I had to conduct it all, get sustained as branch president, give a talk, and do the sustaining of church officials thingy (where you go through the list of...."it is proposed that we sustain Thomas Spencer Monson as prophet, seer, and revelator of The Church"....etc) It was pretty fun! It was a spiritual meeting and I'm thankful and happy that I did a good job and that we felt the spirit. I talked on revelation through scripture study, using Elder Scott's general conference talk on scriptures. I stressed the importance that scriptures are tools, that need to be used or else they provide us no benefit. If you have a hammer and nail and you need to build something, you probably need to use the hammer, or else you'll have a hard time. We split up into Priesthood and Relief Society, with the Heningers teaching both. As usual, we did the branch treaba after church like we always do: attendance, finances, faxed stuff, etc.

   So, yeah, it was a cool week. Now, I'm jut waiting for the other conference of this church....General Conference! It's coming soon, like another month. It'll be cool. I want to go to general conference when  get home. It's one of the coolest things in the world. Elder Peterson and I are doing well and having a good time in Bacau. Everything else is just about the same, and going well.

   It's good to hear that everything at home is going well. I hope Chris and Liz get going on their soon-to-be house and all. I'm excited to find out where all the Redlands 2nd Ward guys are going to go on their missions. Hopefully they're ready! I think the best way to be ready is to love reading the BOM! You can know you are ready when you are happy in the MTC. Anyways, I'll be going I guess. Dad, keep me up to speed on the BYU priority registration date. Thanks for your prayers in my behalf and in behalf of the Bacau branch. I hope to keep doing a good job. Have a good week! Mai vorbim. La revedere.

Love, President Lee 

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