Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Greetings From Snow-blanketed Craiova

Dear Family and friends:

   Greetings from snow-blanketed Craiova. The snow's still coming. It's not like blizzard-style, just nice and easy. It's been a good week. The weather makes everything tougher than it should be. However, there are advantages to these freezing and snowy conditions: 1.) we can do service such as pushing people's cars that are stuck on ice 2.) we can throw snowballs at cigarettes and cigarette packs lying on the ground 3.) Elder Abbott and I can sport our beautiful matching pairs of Ecco boots...and still slip on the ice sometimes (actually, I haven't slipped at all yet, but Elder Abbott has slipped about 4 times!). Life is good in Craiova with Elder Abbott. We talk about lots of stuff. Like lots of stuff. Games, movies, family vacations, BYU memories, and other things that we love. The work is tough indeed. The branch is a little smaller due to some members not coming because of how busy they are at work, or because they are trying to find work. Not many people are very interested in the gospel. It's a challenge to find people that have prepared hearts and minds. However, it is a fun experience nonetheless to be doing this work. I guess when things get hard, I just think of how it was in the Book of Mormon with Alma and Amulek and Mormon and all that. I love the scriptures. Right now, I'm almost smack-dab in the middle of Alma. I just finished Ammon and his brothers' missions among the Lamanites. Good stuff. True stuff.

   We didn't do so much this last week. Just block-knocking, and trying to meet with members and all. Neither Paula nor Cristina has been able to meet. Also, Doru has not met with us lately. We made a visit to Sora Panduru and the kids. We had a spiritual thought and helped shovel her entryway. It's fun to shovel snow huh? We were going to have zone leader exchanges, but they had some troubles on the road between here and Pitesti. They got spun off the road by a big truck! They called us and were like "I don't think we'll make it to Craiova today!" They were both fine. The car got stuck in a bunch of snow, and they eventually got towed out to Pitesti, and the AP's came from Buc and picked them up while the car got repaired in Pitesti. Crazy stuff. They will try to come again this Wednesday. I say they take the train! Maybe they'll think so too. We had a good institute at the Spooner's. We got into Exodus and Moses. It's always a good thing to read, learn, and study about. We can all learn and even apply our lives to what the prophets did and what they went through to do God's work. Church was good. It was fast and testimony meeting. We fasted for missionary work and for members who need jobs or need better jobs than the ones they already have. Elder Abbott and I are becoming great teachers! Why? Because we taught Sunday school again. This time, about serving others and charity. We still don't have the BOM manuals or the George Albert Smith books for Priesthood. Gina came and brought her friend. Not many members came, but it wasn't a big surprise. For dinner, the Spooners' had us two over for some chili and biscuits, as well as chocolate cupcakes! It was really tasty! Tasted like America!

   That's about all the news and all. It's good that things are all well over there across the big blue ocean. Dad, sorry for taking out money. I keep forgetting about the fees they charge. Dad, about BYU registration, I think it would be just fine if I ask President Hill for permission to log onto the BYU MYmap stuff and register. Maybe we could try doing it together. I will be thinking of classes to register for. I hope all the rest of the fam and people on missions and everyone else are doing well. I think that's about all for this email. Have a good week, and don't forget to read the scriptures every day! Ciao.

Love, Elder Lee

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