Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy "Orthodox" Easter from Bacau, Romania!

Dear Family and Friends:

   Buna ziua. It's Elder Lee. I hope you had a good week and a happy Easter. I guess it's still Easter around these parts in Romania. Last week was the Catholic Easter and now, it's the Orthodox Easter. It's been pretty chill. The weather has been rainy lately. It's a little sunnier and warm today though. I am sad to report that Elder Rosenvall and I actually did not go to the midnight mass! It was raining all that night. We would have gone with Daniel, but he was in Brasov, again! It's his spring break and he went there again for the weekend. He went to mass there with the missionaries. He went to church Sunday there. He's also still not around today to hang out with us for P-day! He loves Brasov, and is taking advantage of his opportunity to go during his break from school. He's in his senior year at high school. He's looking to get into BYU next January. So, what did Elder Rosenvall and I do for Easter? Well, since we were all lonely here in Bacau, we just stayed inside, played Settler's of Catan, and listened to General Conference. It may sound lame, but it was fun. I downloaded general conference on my MP3 player a few days ago, and we have listened to 3 sessions so far. I really enjoy it. I like the talks about how the church and gospel are different, but intimately related by Elder Hallstrom, the sacrifice one by Elder Oaks, and the "Mountains to Climb" one by Pres. Eyring. I have found that some of them relate to my experience right now, and have loved hearing every word spoken and every note of music played. I enjoyed the MTC choir, especially their Praise to the Man. We still have both Sunday sessions to listen to.

   We haven't done too much this past week, except for bloc-knocking and villa-knocking. Last Monday, a lady stopped us on the street. Her name is Cristina. She was interested in what we do and wanted a Book of Mormon. We had planned to set up a lesson with somebody that day at 6:30 pm. So, we saw our opportunity and asked if she'd be free at 6:30. She said yes, and so later, at that time, she came to the church and we taught her the Restoration! She's really nice and interested in the message. She talks a lot of how she loves France (she worked there for a time). She says she may return there soon. We had the opportunities to teach her more two other times about the Plan of Salvation. We hope she keeps reading and understands that she needs to pray to God, using her own words, in order to gain a testimony of the BOM. However, she didn't come to church because it was Easter. We're really glad we can teach her. We always need more investigators, and I know that God answered our prayers through her. We didn't even have to find her!

   Other than that, things are the same. The branch is doing alright. We only had 3 members come to church yesterday. It went well though. I gave a talk and used some of Elder Bruce R. McConkie's talk, "The Purifying Power of Ghetsemane". It's a good talk (in the April 2011 Liahona). It shows the reality and even details of Christ's Atonement and resurrection. It helps me to be more consciously grateful for everything he went through for me and for you. Hopefully, more members can come next week. The mission is doing well. There are 19 baptismal dates throughout the mission. A city in Moldova named Balti became a branch. President Hill is going around doing interviews. We are at the tail-end of the interview schedule--May 6th. We'll have zone leader exchanges next week. We will no longer have a mission conference with Elder Causse (because he's now in the Presiding Bishopric). Bummer!

   Thanks for all the news and pics from home. I love those pictures of Kenadee and Chris and Liz's baby. Brooklyn is a cool name. It reminds me of New York for some reason. I'm excited to be living with Zach and Briggs! Thanks mom and dad, for getting that taken care of for me. I look forward to when you guys come. It is a bummer that I'll only be in Redlands for 5 or 6 days though. I'll really enjoy being back in the Redlands 2nd ward for one Sunday! I hope you guys (mom and dad) are doing well with all. It's good everyone is doing well. I've been plowing through that Easter candy in my package. It takes some discipline to let the Cadbury eggs and Reeses last for more than a day! Well, I gotta roll. Hope you have a great week. Isus a inviat!!! (Adevarat a inviat!) Ciao!

Love, President Lee

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