Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, April 25, 2011

Goodbye Deva (I'll miss you) - Hello Bucharest!

  Bune ziua! How are we all doing? I hope well. I have been doing very well. A lot happened this week. Plus it's transfers already. I'll try and make this a little shorter than I usually do. Well, I guess I should first say, that I am leaving Deva. I'm getting transferred to Bucharest (Mihai Bravu)! It came as a surprise, because I was about 95% sure I would stay here, as I just got one and outed earlier. In fact, I really would have liked to stay here. It has probably been my favorite city and branch! But, I'm getting one and outed yet again. My new companion there will be Elder Farr. He is the district leader there and he is in the group ahead of me, so I kinda know him already. I think he's from Ogden, Utah. I don't know whether to feel excited or sad, because I'll miss Deva and it's kinda a bummer that I'm already leaving it. But, time to continue yet again into my 5th transfer (I hit my 8 month mark on May 8th!) Elder Newton is staying, and he is training a new boboc! He's gonna be such a good trainer. Elder Laherty is staying and Elder Nelson from my group is coming here to be with him. Elder Fonnesbeck (noooo, I'm gonna miss him!) is going to Craiova. Transfers really are random craziness sometimes.

   Hmm, this week was Easter. We had a good easter church, but had no investigators there. Only 4 members even came. Even though it was little-attended, it was a good sacrament meeting, all about Christ. I gave a talk on his Resurrection. Perhaps more interesting than our church was the Orthodox mass thing we all went to Saturday night! We got permission to participate in their Easter ceremony at a big church here with a few investigator friends. We went in, lit candles, and walked around the church and listened and sung some hymns about Christ's death and resurrection. It was pretty cool. Also, our branch had an Easter party on Wednesday that was pretty fun. Fratele Simionescu made his tasty sarmale and we had a good time. All 4 of us sang "He is Risen" and other hymns. It was a great week! I also bought myself a little easter present- a shoulderbag finally. It was only 100 lei. It's pretty nice. Now I don't need to lug a backpack a around. Elder Newton and I got a lot of lessons and did a lot of hard work. I have had a very good time with him this transfer, and will miss him and his example. Basically, it was a very fun and productive last Easter week for me in Deva.

   Our zone trip to Lipova was fun! We all were able to go (except for Oradea) and we all climbed around on the cetate and took pictures. Then we played ultimate frisbee by the cetate on a field. There were a lot of sheep and a nice view on top. I got a little burned, but It's all gone now. It was fun to travel and hike and run around and see other missionary friends. I got a picture of me with an old shepherd and an Orthodox priest who randomly showed up. It was all that I hoped it would be. I have a lot of cool pictures from this past week, so I will try to send some soon (today and/or next week).

   We didn't end up having any baptisms here last Saturday. Both are just about ready, but Larisa just needs a definite, strong testimony. Roxi, unfortunately, wants to be baptized, but her parents are not very accepting of her choice. I hope they can be baptized soon after I leave (Sat. 30th). Even though we had no baptisms this transfer, we still worked super hard and I am happy that we did all that we could have. The work has gone well, and I have been improving with the language and with being super diligent. I hope to carry it with me into Bucharest.

   I think that's about all the big news. It's good to hear from you mom and dad. Things are going well in Redlands I assume? Sounds good. Congrats to Taylor Adams! I didn't even know he was already old enough to go on his mission yet! He'll be awesome. It's good that the family and ward is doing well. So Five Guys opened in Redlands? Crazy. Why am I missing out on all the good food coming to Redlands??? Lucky. I hope work and school and everything keep going well. Life as a missionary has been very good, and when transfers come, crazy. There is always something new to experience, and always a new challenge to conquer. However, it's always rewarding when you do your best. Also, it's been going so fast! Well, I don't know much about how to coordinate the mother's day call or skype. We'll have to finalize it soon. I assume we will do it the Monday after or the Saturday before. Just be ready on skype or at the cell phone in case. I will probably get that Easter package in 3 days at transfer day. Also, mom and dad, I have a request. If it's possible, I would like some mementos. First, I think it would be a good thing for me to have a little photo album booklet thing with pictures of family or friends. If possible, could you put together something  like that with any pictures that you'd think I would like? Also, I want to have my mission call letter here with me. I am thinking it would be easy enough to make a copy of it and send it and a photo album in a package some day soon. I would appreciate these things. Ok, well, I think I am done for today. Lots of big news. I am excited though, even if I have to leave and get used to being in the complete opposite environment: giant Bucharest and subways and etc. I will really miss Deva. I really want to stay here! Well, I love you all and hope you had a happy Easter. Until next week (in Bucharest). La revedere! Love, Elder Lee.

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