Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bucharest is Beautiful in May!

Hello everyone! Elder Lee here. Well, here I am in Bucharest now. I feel like I've been all over the country now! First, I really like Bucharest already. Obviously, I've been here a little bit earlier in my mission starting out and on an exchange, but now I get to serve here. I thought I'd hate it (and the tiny city to big city contrast) at first, but I am already getting comfortable and enjoying it here. It sure is huge, but it's not too overwhelming. I'm already about used to the metro system and all the stops and stuff. It's just a lot of travel, but the metros here are fast. I do miss Deva, but I like being here with Elder Farr. Elder Farr is really cool. He's from Ogden Utah and did some school at Weber State or somewhere before. He is a transfer ahead of me and knows the language very well. We are already getting along well.

    The branch here in Mihai Bravu is really cool. I have only met a few people so far (at a branch barbecue activity and at church) and they are really nice. There are about 50-60 active members. Plus, we have a chapel here! I've been so used to little villas with very few active members. Church was great yesterday. So the missionaries in my district (Bucharest East) are me, Elder Farr, ZL's Elder Veenendaal and Brunner, and Sora Hansen and Sora Henriksen. There is also a senior couple for the humanitarian aid stuff here: The Wolsey's. They're from Canada. We all make up east Bucharest, or Mihai Bravu. There are other missionaries that make up Panduri (Bucharest West). Also, at church, the AP's and office elders came, so it was good to see them too. There are a lot of fun missionaries in Bucharest, and today, 10 of us played ultimate frisbee and football out on a field right by the Casa Poporului (that fat, giant government palace) Sorry, I don't have pics of it. It was fun. It's kinda been a little rainy the past few days, but warm. It's always a party here every P-day and the Buc. East and West zones usually meet up and do stuff together. Bucharest is a very big and pretty city. There are some giant parks here like Parcul Tineretului and Parcul Herastrau. These parks beat any park in the U.S. They're pretty much like Central Park. We do contacting there. Our apartment is nice, but has cockroaches! When I first got in, elder Farr had moved all the food out of the cupboards and out into the other room to spray down all the cupboards with Raid stuff. We have since put all the stuff away, but every once in a while, I see a few cockroaches. Don't worry, they are very small, but still cockroaches. We even have one just chilling in the microwave where the number screen thing is. I don't know how it got in there. We live pretty close to the chapel, just a short bus ride away.

   I am still getting adjusted and meeting all of our investigators. I have met with some, including a ten year old boy Iulian and an Italian lawyer named Salvatore. There are some very cool people I have met so far in Bucharest. There are lots and lots of people that live here and travel through here. I'm liking the big city vibes though. Our district is very fun, and so is the Buc. West district. It has been a long week, but the past 4 days I have been here have gone fast. We have zone conference combined with Buc West on the 11th and 12th this month. It is also Mother's Day in a week! This means that I can call you family! So on Sunday here I'll be able to Skype. I guess it will be the same deal as Christmas skype call: On Sunday evening any time between 5 pm to 9 pm. So that will mean Sunday morning for you Mom and Dad. I guess just be ready on skype for me during that time (for you it would be 8 am to 12 am I think) wherever you'll be (Chris's or Jamie's). Hopefully it'll happen! I'll call you with Jamie's and Mark's password thing. But you can also call me at retroxhouse. It's the same name as I had during Christmas. Good? It should work out. Just be ready! I will most likely be on at just around 7 pm my time (10 am your time).

   Well, I really don't have a lot else to say, just another new transfer, new city, and new companion. I'm excited. Bucharest will be pretty fun and pretty crazy. Mom, I got the easter package! Thanks so much. I miss Cadbury eggs. I also got a graduation announcement from Liz. Congrats to her on graduating! P.S. I bought a mp3 player in Deva for about 200 lei or something, just to let you know. I thought I would like to get other missionaries' music on it. It's not an iPod, but it's similar, and it has 4 gigs. Well, it's good to hear about home. I also hear Osama Bin Laden is dead. That's cool I guess. It's about time. Where has he been all this time? Any other big news? Tell me who the next bishop will be soon. Also, tell people that there is a difference between buCHaRest and buDaPest. One is Hungary, the other is Romania. Well, I can't think of anything else. I'll let y'all know how Bucharest treats me. Mom and dad, I'm excited for your big Europe trip soon. Have fun in Utah too! Say hi to the rest of the family there. We'll talk again soon via skype! Ok, I hope there's nothing else I'm forgetting. Sweet, I love y'all! La revedere! Love, Elder Lee.

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