Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, May 16, 2011

Week Three in Bucharest - It is starting to get hot!

What's up! How are y'all? I'm doing foarte bine. Stuff is just moving right along here in Bucharest. Elder Farr and I are having a great time together. The work is going well in Mihai Bravu. One thing though: it's getting pretty hot. I don't know if the rain is done for awhile, but it's getting quite hot already. It's really fun though. I guess it's just a time for change because it's moving into summer, President and Sora Lunberg only have a month and a half left, and also, the Van Ormans (office couple) are leaving in 2 weeks or less. It's gonna be weird with all these changes coming in a few weeks and months. It's all part of the experience though, right?

   We had a good week. Wednesday and Thursday were training and zone conference. The training was pretty long (about 10 hours or something) but was cool. Zone conference was really good. A lot of missionaries, including President, his wife, and the Van Ormans, gave their "dying testimonies" adica their last testimonies at a zone conference (because it's their last zone conference) The spirit was just going crazy in the room. (By the way, "adica" means "meaning") We held it in the beautiful Panduri chapel in an underground bomb shelter pretty much. Both Buc zones came, including the cities of Buc, Constanta, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Craiova, and Alexandria. Fun. We started english classes again this week. We only have a few students but it's fun. On Saturday, we helped in a big activity planned by the senior humanitarian couple, The Wolsey's. We helped pick up some people with disabilities and took them to the Mihai Bravu chapel to have a big talent show, art display, and lunch. We had plenty of delicious mici! Elder Farr and I missed out on it though, because we had english scheduled at the time and right after, we had a long lesson with a student about God and things. We had an effective Saturday. On Sunday, we saw 3 of our investigators at church! One of them being Salvatore! We were excited that he came because he hasn't ever come yet and we really stressed the importance of church. He said he'd think about it...and he eventually came a little later into Sacrament meeting. Today, most of the Buc missionaries gathered together and played football and stuff on the big field next to the chapel. It was HOT. I'm pretty sure I am sun-burned too. Good times though!

   Otherwise, things are all going well. This transfer's going real fast; it's about halfway done. I can't think of any big news or anything now. That's enough about me and the mission though. How are you doing family and friends? Mom and dad, it's good to hear all is well. I heard mom is excited to have a summer break really soon. Thanks for sending me those pictures. I still haven't gotten that package yet, but I'm expecting it soon. I got a "Varstnicul" tag from the office, which is the translation of "elder" in Romanian. I probably won't wear it so often because people will see it and ask all the time, "you're not an elderly person. What the heck?" I just though it'd be cool to have. I hear Chris has those 2 job offers. That's good for him. Hope things work out for him and Liz. How's the ward doing? That's a cool little missionary board at the church. I'm just kinda upset though because...why don't we get any nice plaques like in Utah wards??? Anyways, cool stuff.

  Well, I'm done for today. P-days go fast in Bucharest, and we want to look at some snazzy clothes at a mall somewhere right now. I love you all. Keep me informed on any big news mom and dad. Keep it real and have a good week. P.S. it's my birthday soon and I don't want to turn 20 already. Anyways, Goodbye! Love, Elder Lee.

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