Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week Two in Bucharest

Howdy. What's up? Elder Lee again. I just want to say that I had a great week. Week no. 2 in Bucharest. I'm enjoying it a lot here. It's been kinda rainy for a while. I don't know if I like rain as a missionary. It really spoils a lot of contacting and things of that sort. Elder Farr and I are getting along quite well. This week, we were able to talk to a few investigators, including Cristi Firaru and his family, Domnul Brazeanu, our Italian lawyer Salvatore, and our boy Iulian who has a baptismal date for the 28th of May. I've also met some great members here in the branch, including Cristi Males, who went on a mission in Russia and who let Elder Farr and I use his computer for our Mother's Day skype calls. I also like Elder Veenendaal and Elder Brunner, our zone leaders. We all get along great. This week has gone by pretty fast. Apart from our lessons with our investigators and with a recent convert named Adrian (who is nick-named Champion) we basically did lots of english contacting and gave out english cards to people, because the classes start tomorrow. We like to go to Universitate, where there is a school and lots of young people who'd be interested in learning english.

    Our apartment still has little cockroaches as usual. It doesn't "bug" me anymore (did you get the joke?). I just don't want them in my food, that's all. Church was cool. Our investigator Iulian came with his grandma, Sora Stoica. I'm getting to be pretty comfortable in the branch. I haven't met half of the people, yet, but I will over time. Today for P-day, we all met together at a fat mall in Piata Unirii (right in the middle of the city, next to Casa Poporului) and bowled. It was pretty fun. Then we had lunch there in a food court. Elder Farr and I looked at some classy clothes as well, but I didn't buy anything...yet. I may be planning on purchasing some nice ties and a cheap suit down in Alexandria. P-days go too fast, especially here, where you have to travel underground everywhere and take a good chunk of time in doing that. It's fun though. The work is going well here in Mihai Bravu. My Romanian is getting along better and better. I'm studying out of Doctrina si Legaminte (D&C) now for personal study. I'm done with the Book of Mormon and the New Testament. I don't know if I want to do the Old Testament though. Really boring and some stuff is so weird, like Song of Solomon. If I recall, Joseph Smith said that that particular book is not inspired scripture. I don't know if I should waste time reading uninspired scripture. D&C is really cool though. I would hate to be one of the guys whose names are written who the Lord calls out because of their disobedience though.

   We have zone training and zone conference this week on Wednesday and Thursday. It will be at Panduri with both Buc zones. It's always fun to see everyone and hear from President, the AP's and zone leaders. It's also nice that I am already here in Buc and don't need to travel to get to zone conference (well, 3 metro stations I guess). Also, yesterday was mother's day, which meant that we spoke to our families. Mom and dad, it was great to chat. It was also great to see Kenadee, pointing and waving her hand all over the place and chewing on a watch. She's big now. She should start walking someday soon. I'm glad that skype worked out without incidence. I heard that Tyler's skype call was being stupid again. Why do they always seem to have bad luck with that? Mom and dad, I hope you had a fun time in Utah and a safe drive back. I hope it's not too rainy there. I'm excited for your big trip in only 2 months. You'll have to take bunches of pictures and buy me a souvenir and mail it to me! Thanks for the birthday package too! I guess it's a surprise. I should be getting it soon then I guess. Well, I'm super happy that it's now Bishop Larson. He's a way good guy. He was a fun scoutmaster back in the day. It'll be cool to go back to see him as the bishop, and to have my interview with President Strong. Tell him I say hi and felicitari (congrats).

   I had an eventless week otherwise. Sorry if I'm being boring. I noticed that I haven't taken any pictures here yet, so I need to get on that and email some. I hope it gets sunnier so my pictures will be nicer looking. I'll have to go and see all the cool places and get pictures. I hope everyone in the family is doing well. Thanks mom and dad for chatting with me on skype and telling me all the news and things. Keep me updated on anything important going on in the ward or family or whatever. I'm already out of things to say I guess. Love y'all and I'll talk again next week. Have a good week. La revedere! Love, Elder Lee.

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