Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, May 23, 2011

Week Four in Bucharest - Things are still heating up!

   Buna frati si surori! Ce faceti? I'm doing well again. Man, this week went so fast! This transfer is flipping almost done! It's weird how fast the months have been going. Bucharest is indeed getting pretty dang hot, and it's not even June yet! I'm excited for lots of humidity and heat. It's also very fun on the buses: it's like a can stuffed full of sardines (I heard Dad ate a sardine salad! How was it?) Tons of people pile in the buses and it's darn stuffy. I'm enjoying it though. This week went too fast to remember much. 

  We had a lot of lessons with people and actually have a baptism happening this Saturday, the 28th. It's Iulian's baptism, our ten-year old investigator. I'm excited! Hopefully it will go through nicely, then I can see my 2nd baptism in my mission! Also, we have a new investigator, Mihai, who we contacted on the street by the church a few weeks back. He has heard about the church 2 years ago, and he just might be ready to receive the gospel now, because he told us he read a quarter of the BOM and he accepted a baptismal invitation for the 11th of June! Crazy. He is super cool, but busy with his work. He hasn't made it to church the past 2 Sundays we've invited him. I hope he can have the time or energy to get to church if he wants to be baptized soon! Other than that, we kinda have 2 investigators who aren't deciding to progress. Salvatore and Cristi. They are cool people, but need to keep coming to church! Elder Farr and I have been finding some very cool people the last few days at parks. 3 of them were actually interested in coming to church and said they'd come, but didn't show up. That's always disappointing. That's where our investigators lie right now. The work is going well in Mihai Bravu. The sisters have a baptismal date for someone too. Elder Farr and I are still getting along great and working hard. We had zone leader exchanges on Wednesday. I went with Elder Veenendaal. He's from Draper or Sandy Utah. He's been out since last December or something. I love him already. He's a big snowboarder. We went to Parcul Herastrau and had a few lessons, then had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe there! We had super good bbq bacon cheeseburgers. Man, do I love a real American bbq burger. It was like 88 ron for both of us! Kinda expensive, but I have lots of money in my missionary fund thing. 

   Today, Elder Farr and I made a little trip to Alexandria (a little south and west from Buc) to get some suits! Everyone in the mission knows about this little factory store down there that sells nice suits for cheap. They're also fitted and slim already (just the way I like it). I got a new black and pinstripes suit as well as another new pair of back slacks. All in all, it was 346 ron (the suit being 290 and the pants being 55) I call that cheap. I'm excited because I'm gradually converting into a little Euro-style boy. Elder Farr wanted a gray suit, but couldn't find the one he liked in his size. So he just got pants. That was the bulk of our P-day. 

  I am out of things to say! I am soooooo happy that Spencer is in the MTC! Mom, that's super surprising! I didn't hear anything about him going on a mission, until now apparently. I miss him and our days so dang much! I am super excited for him! I'm also super excited for Camron and Rurika! It was only a matter of time before hearing such news. I love it when cool things happen all at once. Thanks for all the news mom and dad. It's always good to hear how things are. Mom, have a fun summer break soon! Dad, hopefully Reid and Hellyer gets doing better soon. Chris, I hope you like your new job at the computer all day. Jamie and Mark, hope you guys had fun at Las Vegas. Mom, say hi to people in the ward for me. I got my b-day package and accidentally opened it up, totally forgetting that it was, in a sense, my present. Oh well. I love everything in it. I'm wearing the Target shirt right now. I love Target! Apparently I have another package waiting for me in the office, but I don't know who it's from. I will defs make that chocolate cake on my birthday night! (I also consider getting a new suit part of my birthday gifts). Thanks so much mom and dad! I hope you two are doing well and getting excited for your Euro trip. That would be awesome if you see Sara and Matt Holden. I haven't heard from any other friends lately. Hope they're doing well. I probably need to write more letters to more people. I'm just lazy.

   Well, I need to head out. I love you all. I'll talk next week. La revedere frati si surori. Sper ca aveti o saptamana plecuta! Ciao! Love, Elder Lee

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  1. Hey Susan can I have Elder Lee's email address? Thanks! Love reading his letters. Just makes me miss it sooo much!