Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, May 30, 2011

Enjoying Bucharest and my 20th Birthday!

    Buna Ziua peoples! How do y'all faceti? Elder Lee here. Let's see, I guess the top news
of the week would be a BOTEZ (baptism)! Almost 10-yr old Iulian Stoica was baptized on the
28th of May by Elder Farr. It was a sweet little ceremony at the chapel of Mihai Bravu.
His grandma and dad came and there were some members and a few english students who stayed
to see it. It was my first real baptism I've been able to be a part of here on my mission.
Iulian's a smart kid, and will make a great member of the church. He'll be an example for
his parents who are not active. On Sunday, I had the privilege of confirming him a member!
I got all the right words memorized in Romanian and gave him a blessing (and the Holy Ghost
as well). It was a cool experience. I was joined in the circle by Elder Farr and some of the
branch presidency. Now, he's a new recent convert with whom to work!

  The whole mission had 7 baptisms this last week. I never really keep track of how many
baptisms the mission gets, but it's doing better than recently. It's sad that Larisa from
Deva is still not baptised, but there is yet another baptismal date for someone in Constanta
 named Eros. Constanta is doing well now. We have a baptismal date still for a guy named
Mihai, but he's been busy with work or something because he's never answered his phone in
almost a week. It's a bummer. His date is obviously pushed back. We need to meet with him!!
Otherwise, our other investigators are doing alright. None of them came to church except
Iulian (technically he was still an investigator before his confirmation). They're all
doing alright, no one is really progressing now. We need to get finding more people that
will become progressing investigators!

   Well, I guess it's my 20th birthday tomorrow. I don't know how I feel about dat. It's really weird.
But I'm excited. I'm probably gonna eat at Ruby Tuesday's for my birthday lunch or dinner. There's
apparently a Ruby Tuesday's here, and I think I might want some American food because it's my
birthday and I get what I want on my birthday. Just kidding, but really though. I don't know what else
we'll be able to do because it's a normal working day. Of course I'll have my cake and stuff. It'll be a
fun day I guess. It's already June! I will be out a year in 3 months! I don't know what to say 'bout dat.
I'm still loving Bucuresti. It's already transfers in a week, and I don't even know what'll happen. I don't
think I like transfer days, because recently, my mission has just been all over the place. It's exciting,
but weird to get used to a new transfer. I assume I'll stay here, and Elder Farr will leave. We'll see eh?

  I can't think of much else to say for this week. It's hard to remember everything that goes down in
Buc. It's a crazy city. Just know these things: I'm happy. The language is coming right along. Elder Farr
and I are getting along great. My new suit pants are very tight. I want some new ties. We had a baptism.
I'm almost in my 6th transfer (9 month mark is June 8th!). Tot e bine. Dragii mei, va doresc succes!
It's good to hear about things at home. Mom and dad, thanks for all the cool news. It sounds like you guys
have a fun summer coming up. I'll put up a few pics of things, including the baptism. I need to run. Sorry if
this email is shorter than usual. I love y'all. Keep it real. Mai vedem. La revedere! Love, Elder Lee.

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