Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, September 12, 2011

Still Celebrating my One Year Anniversary in Romania!

Hello. Elder Lee here. I just had a year-day in the mission. We pretty much didn't do anything out of the ordinary, except we ate lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. I went all out and got BBQ ribs. It was 2 racks of bbq ribs and coleslaw and french fries, with Sprite. It was like 46 lei or something. It was good. It was the first time I've had some ribs in Romania. I was there with Elder Nilsson too, and he got some ribs and shrimp! We both celebrated our year day together! I took a picture of him in the restaurant next to a picture of Carl Malone (he likes basketball and the Jazz). I actually haven't had any time to burn a shirt. So, I don't even know when I'll get to that. Oh yeah, I almost got pooped on by a bird before we went to Ruby's. However, the poop landed on my open planner, not on me! And, technically, my year day didn't get pooped on (my planner was open to Saturday the 10th, and the poo landed on that day!) So, Elder Jones and I were scared that that meant some bad carma on Saturday night at 7, where the poop landed. However, we found out that nothing poopy happened at that time. We went through Parcul Carol and got a lesson around that time. It was a good day. I'm a year old now!

   Things have gone well. There were 4 baptisms this last week in Galati and Ploiesti. At church, we had 7 total investigators among us all missionaries. One of ours, Cristian, came but had to leave after sacrament. We were excited to see him there! We want to give him a baptismal date soon. We want to be more bold and give more people baptismal dates when the Spirit confirms we should, to let people know what we're all about! We actually kinda have a baptismal date for Levent! For the 24th of September. It may change though. It was a cool lesson, we finished the Plan of Salvation and talked about prayer. The problem is he thinks he's not "into religion" and is scared to pray (at least with us in the room, out loud) He's just so shy and hasn't quite gotten the answer. He can't see the importance of this Gospel for HIM, personally. It probably goes back to his reading and praying. He just hasn't done a lot of it this past week. He's busy working towards getting a doctorate. I hope he gets a greater desire to get an answer! But, we can only do so much for him. Our other investigators are doing alright, not really progressing. The district is doing well. Elder Bateman and Peterson are fun to be around. They're doing well, finding people. However, the last couple guys they've found turned out to be homeless (one of them, who's not homeless, asked for 500 lei to help pay for his son who got in a car accident! They aren't really talking to him anymore). We're gonna start talking to inactives and less-actives again soon too. Otherwise, things are going well here in Buc. The weather's been nice, will get hotter. 2 weeks of the transfer are already done. Oh yeah, here's a cool piece of news: President Hill and Sora Hill were at a district conference in Chisinau and also went to Copenhagen for a mission president conference thing. I forgot at which place they were told this, but the name of the mission has been changed from the Romania, Bucharest Mission to the Romania Moldova Mission! HOW BOUT DAT!

    It's good to hear the good tidings of great joy at home. I'm happy for the 2 Matt's. Congrats to them! I love them and they will love serving in Georgia and Oklahoma. Looks like both are just staying in the states, over in the south/east! That's so cool they got their calls! They're ready to be missionaries and get out and do the work! I'll be waiting to hear where Miles will be going! Romania? I wonder when somebody else is going to come to Europe or elsewhere from the ward. Seems like everyone is staying in the states! I haven't got your package, mom and dad, yet. BUT, I got a nice letter from the McClaine's, telling me that they always pray for me and told a little about how Sister McClaine's doing. They said she just got transferred or will get transferred to Luxemborg, and will probably finish her mission there. Elder Tyler Lee only has about 2 months left. Missions are exciting. It's good that the family is all well. Thanks for sending the pictures. Here's a little spiritual thought for the day, said by a member in the branch named fratele Verdeata. He shared how we don't have to be living in Salt Lake or anywhere else in Utah to be followers of Christ. We can follow him where, when, and how we want. Of course, the ONLY true way to follow him is to live His restored Gospel. Wise words from a wise man. The Romanian members of the church surely follow Christ. Well, I guess I go now. Love you. Ciao. Cu drag, Elder Lee.

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