Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, September 5, 2011

I Hit My One Year Mark in Romania!

   Howdy. Ce faceti? Bine sper. Hey everyone. It's this guy again. I've had a good week. It's been fun here. I'm liking Bucharest like always. It's a good place to stay for a long time. It is my 8th transfer! Thursday is the year mark for this elder. Hold on, so you're saying it's already been a whole year since I was in the empty sea, since I had awesome boboc days with Elder Gunter in Bacau, since I lived on the Black Sea in Constanta, since I hit up the ghetto Deva hollywood sign and fortress with Elder Newton, and since I started my Buc days with Elder Farr? Vai de capul meu! It's been a great adventure awright. Let's see how the week went.

    So the week was cool. We didn't have any of our investigators at church. But we have 4 progressing investigators: Levent, Albert, Costel, and Cristian. Lots of people have been on vacation this week, so we hope to talk with them this week. Levent has been gone, and we haven't talked with him for awhile, but we will Wednesday. He just needs to pray, and we also want to give him a baptismal date. Albert's been gone too. Costel is a nice guy. One of his dogs died though. He just needs to come to church. Cristian is a cool new guy that is always willing to talk to us. He's read some of BOM. He needs to meet us in a more quiet place though, but he always insists on just sitting on a bench with a bunch of people all over in a play ground right there. We just need to meet at the church or something! But yeah, they're all doing well. We will start visiting a list of inactive members made for us by President Bulgarasu (the branch president) next week, cuz we want to actually go with strong members to their houses. But, they are all on a Kiev temple trip this week, which is cool. There are 10 or 12 members going to the temple. They do trips every September and April. Stuff is going well in the branch. The only big thing is that there is a 10% activity rate. Yikes! 40 people come out of about 400. Asa este. The mission had 3 baptisms this week in Panduri, Timisoara, and Balti. I don't know the number for this year. The district sure is fun here. I'm actually no longer district leader. Elder Bateman is. I'm just the "other" elder. It's a nice break I guess. I'll miss being DL here though. It was fun. He and his Boboc, Elder Peterson (from Bluffdale, Utah) are still living in our apartment until the sisters move outta theirs, letting Bateman and his boboc move into the sisters. It's kinda weird all 4 of us living together, but it's fun!

   It's good everyone is doing well. I'm excited for Miles! I hope he comes HERE! It would be something cool if he did. Elder Bateman (who's adopted from Pitesti) had an opportunity to visit his family in Pitesti. I thought that was pretty cool (he did it last transfer). I'm happy for all the fellow missionary friends of mine, serving the LORD! That's all that matters in life. Well, maybe not all. I hope the ward is doing well and that Redlands is a happy city. It's cool that football is starting again. BYU beat Ole Miss I hear. But it was a lousy game for BYU. I wonder what will happen in Texas. BYU will win 21-17. It's good that the family is all doing well. Mom, for meals here, we usually cook eggs and salami, or pasta with chicken or beef. Otherwise, we just have soup or cereal or eat out (just once a week). Not much. I'm really not picky about what I eat. Thanks for sending a package. I'll wait for it, and take a picture of the stuff in it. Well, I'm about to go. Have a good one. I'll probably burn a shirt in celebration for my year mark. I'll take pictures. Stay tuned. Love you all. have a zi buna. Ciao! --Elder Lee.

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