Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, August 29, 2011

I'll be Staying in Bucharest for another Transfer

What's up dragi frati si surori? How goes life? I'm doing well. Sorry, but this email might be a little short cuz I'm short on time. Well, the big news about transfers isn't all that big, actually. It turns out that I'm staying put with Elder Jones! I'm excited. That makes 4 transfers in Buc (half a year!) Everyone else in this district is saying put too, except for Elder Schroedter (he's going to be ZL in Arad!) I'll miss the dang heck outta him! He's excited though. He loves the west (he was in Timi for 3 transfers). I can't believe it's already gonna be my 4th here in Buc. It goes so fast. Also, in a week and a half, I hit my year mark. What? The other Elder Lee is almost done with his mission in Denmark. That's just weird It's an exciting/weird thing it is. There are not many big changes in the mission, just a couple of senior couples moving cities, and also, President is putting more missionaries in Buc and Ploiesti. That means one new companionship here in Mihai Bravu...guess who they'll be??? Elder BATEMAN and a new boboc!!! I'm excited to be around Elder Bateman again. They're actually gonna live in our apartment until they find a new apartment to live in. Sora Hansen and Holman are staying put too. It's Sora Hansen's last transfer she'll be starting. Elder Newton is staying and getting Elder Nilsson from my group (who has been in Galati for the past forever).Lots of people are staying in one city for 4 transfers. I'm also kinda jealous that Elders Mikolyski and Fonnesbeck will be ZL's together in Bacau! 2 of my favorites!!! It's looking like a fun new transfer eh?

   The week has gone well. We have 2 new progressing investigators now (Levent and Albert) It's going well with Levent. He has been to church twice now. We hope we can give him a baptismal date the next time we talk. He just needs to pray to receive that answer. We invited him to come with us to eat at Sora Gorzo's. He liked it! We ate ardei impluti and ciorba. Our finding efforts are starting to pay off and we are seeing fruits! I like fruits! They are sweet and juicy. Especially watermelon. Anyways, Things are going well. We aren't really working as much with members at the moment, but we may make it part of our new zone goals this next transfer. Elder Jones and I had a great transfer together and we are excited to stay here. It went fast. I'm excited for burning a shirt for my year mark, and it's aready gonna be GENERAL CONFERENCE in this next transfer. We will be able to see it cuz we're in Buc. Score. Other things are going well. Daniel the "prophet" is not our investigator anymore. We tried!!! We had a lesson with him and fratele Radu. Daniel decided to give us his life story for an hour and tell us how he was called to be the Lord's missionary set out to close the Lord's new covenant with the children of Israel (for reference, see Ezekiel 9 and 10, Jeremiah 31:31, as these are the scriptures he always quotes.) Just not going to progress. He came to church again though, always ruins priesthood meeting by raising a big discussion about his divine calling and all that. Nice guy though. Just not going to talk to him anymore, unless he wants to progress. Haha, dad, I remember that story of the guy who believes we all came from spiders. I'm not sure who is more off in the head. Probably Alan. It's fun, missionary work.

   Well, it all goes well. I'll just be here for another 6 weeks, doing the work and all that. I'm excited. I hope all is well in the home and family and ward. Thanks for the pics mom and dad. Thanks for all the news! It's great that everyone is doing well, including all my mishkanary friends! If anything else is new, be sure to let me know. I'm sorry, but I can't think of what else to say. I am low on time too, so I guess I'll leave y'all alone. have a great one. We''ll talk in September. Ma Iubiti!!!! Va doresc sa aveti o saptamana plecuta si desavarsita si asa mai departe!!! Sper ca tot merge bine in vietiile voastre. Numai bine. Ciao!!!! Cu MARE drag, Elder LEE.

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