Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, August 15, 2011

All is still well in Bucharest

Hey everybody. It's me again. I am having a great time here. It's another Monday yet again. I wonder how many Mondays I've been here. Bucharest is just a fun place. Today is actually Maica Domnului day, meaning the mother of the Lord day. The Orthodox religion sets a day aside to honor the mother Mary. It's cool. We're not doing anything specific for it though. Anyways, it's been a good week. Just a lot of the same. Finding investigators and hunting for members. We made a list (on the rainy days) of all members in our sector. Now, we visit them by grouping 5 or 6 into one area and finding them with their addresses and a little map. It's fun. So far, we've had no real success (they haven't been home). But we still have a lot to go through and find.

    Elder Jones and I (Indiana Jones) are doing well together. We are having a lot of fun. We've been quoting a lot of King of the Hill lately (when Hank always says "dang it Bobby!" and Bobby says, "but dad!" and Hank says, "that's asinine!") Stuff like that grows our companionship and helps us to have fun. We've been through a lot of parks, and found 3 new investigators. They're not really solid though. They're all old. But, we're doing our part to help in our zone goal of getting 84 of 'em this month. So far, the zone has 34! We haven't had any baptismal dates yet, but Ploiesti is doing very well. They have 6 baptismal dates over there! English class is going well. One student, Valer, is interested in church, and he was gonna come to church yesterday but had a problem and couldn't make it. He's gonna go to Cluj for 2 weeks soon. So, we hope after then, we can start talking with him! We've had no investigators at church still. (the soras did though!). However, there was a guy there named Daniel. He had gone to Panduri a year ago, so he knows about the church. He knows a lo about it. Somehow, he has a triple combination, and has a ton of stuff hi-lighted! He claims he's been called by God to be a missionary and that God told him to check out a lot of churches. He's interested in our church history and the Liahona magazine. I was like "cool!", but it turns out that he's a little fanatical. I asked for his phone number, but he said "that's not how the Lord works. I go wherever he calls me and I don't have any schedule, so I can't say when we can meet again." I asked for his address so we could visit him and talk, but he said his address is in Cer (heaven). So, I dunno. Nice guy though. Dressed in white.

    We didn't do anything out of the ordinary this week. Our shower rod had problems staying up, so we bought a new one. However, we were idiots and didn't measure it. So we just got a random one that was a little more expensive, thinking that the more it costs, the better it would be. When we tried putting it up, it was half as long as it needed to be! We spent 70 lei on it. We felt retarded. So, we figured out that the old one wasn't actually broken, just rusted. So we fixed it up and now it stays again. We also bought a nice cheapo little dolphin curtain for it.

    We only have about 3 investigators now. One is scared to read and pray, so we are kinda dropping him for a time, until he maybe shows up to church. The other one is going to Kazahkstan pretty soon for his work, so he'll be gone. The last one, Elisabeta, is a 77 year old lady who we found in a bloc. We talked about God and prayer with her, and tried to visit again, bu she didn't answer. So, we just need to find more people that can keep commitments and go to church. It's all good though! My district is doing well. Training is going well. Today, we had pancakes and root-beer floats at the Wolsey's for breakfast! On Sunday, we did sing-contacting with the other Buc district. It was fun, and we got to talk with some people too. It was kinda funny, cuz right in front of us there was a little drunk guy arguing with a security guard. He dropped all his stuff and broke his beer bottle and went back up to the guard and got all in his face. It was fun to watch. There wasn't any fighting though, just arguing. We were all singing, but kinda stopped to watch, so it was a little weird cuz we were just mumbling the words- our attention more upon what was happening. We decided to start singing "Love One Another"! It was funny.

   So, I'm all good. I hope the family and ward are doing well. I'm pretty sure that they are. Mom, could you talk to my friends on Facebook or something and ask them for their addresses so I can start writing some peoples? I don't know anybody's addresses! I feel guilty not writing anybody. Also, some of my favorite hymns include: Joseph Smith's First Prayer, Master the Tempest is Raging, I Believe in Christ, I Know that My Redeemer Lives, How Great Thou Art, Praise to the Lord the Almighty, Be Still my Soul, etc. Those are some ideas. Get the ward to sing 'em mom! Well, I'm about done. I love you all. have a good week. I will have a good week too. Loves. Elder Lee.

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