Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, August 1, 2011

Working Hard in Bucharest

Hello dragi frati si surori. I'm Elder Lee. Stuff is going well here. Another week has passed. Today is August 1st. New month. That means it was Elder Lee's dad's birthday yesterday. Happy birthday dad! I hope you had a good one and also enjoyed the Les Miserables play in LA! Well, what happened this week. Let's try and remember some stuff.

   Did lots of english contacting. The other Buc zone leaders put newspaper ads about it and we've received a lot of calls from people who have seen it and were like, "what? free english? Snap, I gotta go learn some free english!" So we had 26 sign-up sheets filled out, but hopefully more people show up tomorrow for the first class. We hope to find some people prepared for the Gospel in our class, because we need more investigators! People have just not done anything about our commitments and invitations to come to church and read and pray about the BOM. It's all good though. They have their agency, and now, they just aren't ready for the Gospel. We made a visit to Iulian, our recent convert, who is doing well. We also made a visit to Sora Oros, a member in the branch. She is so funny and such a strong member. We talked with her about our goals to work more with members and shared with her 1 Nephi 13:37 (read it!). She always calls us "Americanilor" or "frumosilor" (which means pretty boys pretty much). We met a cool new guy in a park, named Levent. I think his family is from Turkey. He is from a city near Constanta, and is here studying sociology. He came to english sign-ups and we talked again about the BOM. It was a good lesson, and we hope he reads and prays and receives an answer, because he told us he would read. We had no investigators at church yesterday. It was a good meeting though. Elder Newton gave a good talk about repentance. We went to Sora Gorzo's after for some food and sang some hymns and shared a spiritual thought. Then we saw Sora Bobeanu, who is still doing alright. We ended yesterday with sing-contacting! We just sung some good hymns and talked to people who were stopping, listening to our angelic voices. Anyways, we've just been through lots of parks. We just need to FIND people! Not just that, but find LOTS of people and pray harder and have more faith that we will find those who are READY!

   Elder Jones is getting better at Romanian quicker and quicker. We're doing well together, just trying to be super obedient and diligent. He's a funny guy, and we get along well. I've been having a fun experience showing him the ropes and telling him all about how crazy Romania is (street dogs, water filters, gypsies, lack of dryers, blocs, etc.) He's having a fun time seeing and learning everything. I hope all the other trainers are doing well with their bobocs. I'm sure they are.

   I'm excited that Chris finally got his full-time job at UVU that he wanted all along. I'm sure he was getting super down. It's nice to see miracles every once in a while. I'm sure he has a solid testimony of enduring trials with faith, and that the miracle can ONLY FOLLOW faith. Everyone, read Ether 12:6 in the BOM. It's true stuff. Things will be going well for him and Liz. I'm excited that the family is doing well. I hope y'all continue to do well. I hope the ward is going well and that Taylor Adams loves his mission. they go too fast, I tell yah. Well, the only announcement is that we have interviews with president Hill this Saturday (dad, I'll be sure to tell his wife about law school.) Hmm, What else is going on. I can't think of much else. This is a boring and short email, but I'm about done now. I love you all and keep on keeping on. Mai vorbim. Ciao! Love, Elder Lee

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