Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome to Bucharest - Elder Jones

   Howdy folks. Elder Lee here, with his weekly report on thangs. Stuff is going well. First item of business, my boboc. His name is Elder Jones. He is from Nampa, Idaho. He went to Idaho State University before his mission. He likes soccer and skiing. He came here in a group of 13. Sora Holman, a boboaca, is also here in Mihai Bravu. She's from Pleasant Grove, UT. It's been a fast past few days. Elder Jones is getting the hang of Bucharest. He's also learning more Romanian each day. He's already a champ at handing out english class ad cards. That's what we've been doing a lot of lately. We kinda need a class this transfer. We've given out a bunch already. It's good practice for him when all we'll do is gospel contact soon. We've also been doing gospel contacting on streets and in parks. We have found a few new cool people. 2 families! We are also trying to keep working with the investigators we already have. None of them want to come to church (lately, they haven't answered their phones either.) We do have the one cool guy that IS progressing, Ali. We had a lesson with him, and it went very well. We talked about the 5 steps of the Gospel. He loves the BOM, and feels a distinguishable peace when he reads it. We told him that this peace may be his answer that it is true. He hasn't yet recieved a fo-sho answer yet, but he keeps reading. He even gave the book to his mom and sister and they are reading it too! Things went well enough to invite him to baptism, but right when I was about to invite him to a specific date, he said he was gonna go to Lebanon in a week or 2. So, we still asked him, but didn't give him a date yet. He said he would want to be baptized as he keeps reading and praying. He told us he prays about it every day. BUT, he didn't come to church, so we were disappointed because he loved church the first time and promised he would be there again. We haven't been able to get a hold of him for the past 2 days. Pray for him everybody!

   Otherwise, we still have some investigators, but none are progressing. Why can't they go to church? It's one of the most important things in getting an answer. I need to do better at getting members present in lessons with us. That's probably what would help us and our investigators the most in progressing. Elder Jones and I wanna do more member visits this transfer to get to know them more and to find members that would be good helps to our investigators. Besides that, we just need to find more people that are ready for the gospel and that will legitimately progress (as always). My district is fun. Elder Newton and Schroedter are awesome, and so are Sora Hansen and Holman. We already did some plan of salvation chalking in parcul Cismigiu. We found some cool peoples. It's hot. But I'm used to it. Time goes fast, and pretty soon, it will get cold again.

   Elder Jones is a good elder that wants to be obedient and diligent. He's keeping me in line. It was pretty weird being at the mission home on transfer day with all the other trainers, waiting to get our bobocs. Pres. Hill (who is doing well and such a cool and funny guy) spoke to us all a bit and gave us trainer packets. Then we went downstairs and Pres Hill called out who goes with who. I can't even really remember the day I was the boboc getting assigned to Elder Martineau. It's a roller-coaster out here on a mission. Never stops being interesting. That's for sure. I'm glad to still be in Bucharest. However, I might want to leave after this transfer (but I'm not sure yet because Pres. Hill might have us stay with our bobocs for 2 transfers). That's all the big news and stuff. I haven't really had any crazy experiences. My boboc is starting to have all of his though. I kinda feel like I'm a bad trainer sometimes. It takes patience. It's strange how fast things go in the mission. I am nearing my year mark...

   Well, stuff is going well. A lot of things are the same, besides the fact that my companion doesn't know too much Romanian. He's learning though. And falling asleep. He's still getting over jet-lag. I remember jet-lag. I'd fall asleep in all my first lessons. Because hey, I couldn't understand Romanian anyway, so why not fall asleep? Just kidding. But I'm kinda serious. It takes focus and effort to adjust to coming here. Enough about me. How is the fam? Mom and dad, looks like you loved your trip. Too bad it's over already. That's cool news that Jamers and Mark got a new dog and car. Send me pics. Chris still hasn't gotten any permanent job? Vai de capul meu. I hope all is going well with his searching and waiting. Well, cool stuff. The mission is sweet nowadays. Lots of bobocs, just one baptism this week (in Cluj), The Hill's are awesome, 10 bobocs coming in next transfer, etc... I guess I'm done for astazi. I love y'all. We'll talk later. Cu drag, Elder Lee

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