Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, August 8, 2011

Still Having Fun in Bucharest

Hello peoples. How are y'all. How are you parents? Thanks for all the cool news and stuff in your email. I'm excited for Matt and the other Matt to prepare to get out on missions! I'm excited for Taylor Adams too. He will love his mission. Haha, it's awesome that Sarah and Matt were able to see Elder Shillabeer in London! He's a really cool guy (yeah, he is British and is from London, I think) He just went home 2 transfers ago. I was able to meet him in my first transfer when he was district leader in Iasi. We have never served around each other though, but I guess that's cool that he thinks I'm on "fire"! The Holden's must have had a blast in Europe and para-gliding and all. Also, thanks mom and dad for the pics of Switzerland and stuff. Super pretty! I'm very excited for all the good things going on in the family. I heard Chris is getting a job at BYU-- He told me in an email that finally Dad will like him! haha! That'll be pretty cool, teaching older students. He'll have fun! Man, I'm missing out on Kenna and all her words she's learning. I wanna also see Millie, their dog! I'm happy that all is going well, in the family and ward. All is going well over here in this neck of the woods!

    Elder Jones and I have been having a good time. We get along well and we have had some funny moments and times. He's a champ. He says he already understands half of what is being said (if it's a gospel topic). He's learning fast! He's been very diligent and obedient. He's an example for me. We've basically been doing a lot of finding. Lots of parks. It's been fun though, and we've been able to talk to lots of cool people. Our zone goal is to find 84 new investigators in the month of August. After each companionship gets one, they text the news to Elder Schroedter and Newton. Then they mass-text us all to give us the news and keep a running count. So far, as a zone we have 12! Elder Jones and I are doing a good job in finding people. Something that bugs me though is church attendance! Not a lot of people are people of their word! I'd like to just see someone at church! It's all good though. We have a very small investigator pool of around 3 people-ish. We haven't made contact with our old family Elder Martin and I found, but they did tell us they finally moved! Otherwise, Ali is moving back to Seattle in a few days. Our only real investigator is Levent. He is so cool and sincere, but the problem is that he is scared to read and pray. We need to tell him that this matters to HIM. He has a relationship with his Heavenly Father, and there's no need to be scared or think it's a fake thing to pray and find out if a book of scripture is His word. We will talk with him Tuesday. He comes to English class too. By the way, english is going well. Had a few less people on Saturday though (just 7 came). But it's fun!

    Interviews with the Hills and the AP's went well. It was fun to talk with them.They are really some cool people. Qualified to be the leaders of this mission. Dad, I was able to tell Sora Hill about how you went to Law School around the same time as her. She thought it was cool, but doesn't remember your name. I told her that you've been at Reid and Hellyer for a while. She asked about me and the family. The APs had a cool little message about D&C 4. We talk about that a lot in this mission. But they had a cool little object lesson where they each had a pocket-knife, one broken, and the other in good-shape. They compared them to a sickle, and asked us: " are we using a broken sickle, or are our sickles good and strong? Are we solid tools in the Lord's hands?" They also talked about serving with all of your "heart, might, mind, and strength" and that might means a combo of the other 3 traits. (Their names are Elder Frandsen and Elder Finch). Fun stuff. We had it at the mission home. On Friday morning, we helped move a member (Fratele Banu, who is sick and doesn't come to church) into a new bloc. Lots of heavy lifting! It was fun though. It's a nice thing to get in normal clothes and do service. Reminds me of doing good ol' service in the MTC every Monday morning, cleaning toilets!!!! Thursday was "park day"! All we did was parks. All day! It was fun. We got 4 lessons and had a dinner break. Days full of finding are really not bad at all when people like to talk to you and you have little bench lessons. The time goes long though, when no one seems interested. My district is doing well. It's been fun together. It's already the middle of the transfer!!! Being a trainer is just fine. It's really a fun thing.

    That's about all the good stuff going on around here in Bucharest. The time goes very fast, daily, weekly, monthly. Today is my 11 month day! I hit a year very soon. It's weird. Pretty soon, summer will be over, and fall will come around again. Anyways, thanks for the news from home and the ward mom and dad. Keep sending me awesome pics! Don't be surprised if you notice that I'm spending more money on my personals card. Elder Jones and I wanna go shopping for some stuff. I really want some new ties and a shirt or two. I got some cheap shoes for 35 lei. that's like 11 or 12 buckaroos! I like 'em alot. Well, time to say bye again. I look forward to another week! Hope you all have a good one. We'll mai vorbim in curand. Love y'all. Pace Domnului! Love, Elder Lee.

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