Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, August 22, 2011

Four Months in Bucharest and I'm Still Doing Great!

Hello everyone! Elder Lee. This week was a good one. Elder Jones and I are having fun. We're still finding people! We're doing well with our zone goal. So far in August, we have 57 new investigators, out of 84. We need to get working!!! Only one more week. We have good news! One of our investigators, Levent, finally decided to read a little from the BOM! He also came to church yesterday! Da bebelus!!!! So, he's progressing again! We're glad for him. We talked with him on Saturday about the Atonement and some of the Plan of Salvation. Also, we kinda have one other new investigator, who showed up to church again, for the second time. He's the one that thinks he's called of God. Daniel. We're gonna try to talk on Wednesday. There's just something off with him though. He only does what the Lord tells him. For example, when we tried to set up for a day to talk, he had to pray about it. After he prayed right then and there, he said, "the Lord says we can talk on Monday at 3" I said we can't cuz its our p-day. So, he prayed again. "The Lord says we can meet on Wednesday". We were like.....ok....So yeah, he thinks he's like a prophet. But, he's a nice, deeply religious guy. We're still finding more people that will go to church. The goal is going well.

   Elder Schroedter and I went on an exchange for 2 days. We finally got the office elders to help us renew our visas! If you remember, my group's visas all expire THIS November. So, we finally did some stuff to get that underway (health physicals and photos and stuff...the same things we did on our first day in the country.) It was fun. I love Elder Schroedter. I also love Elder Newton. I love my whole district. It's a blast. The week has gone well. We got 13 lessons and 4 new investigators. I'm not sure how many baptisms the mission has gotten since the year started. President Hill and his wife are doing well and have just finished tour for interviews. They are so cool. Also, they have decided to take soccer off of the "contact sport" category and allow it for every missionary to play now. Before, it had been disallowed. Lots of people are happy. I, however, don't really care much. I'm terrible at soccer and every other sport, except ice skating. Ice skating is allowed here, I just have never done it here yet. We did chalk contacting yesterday night in Parcul Tineretului. It was fun. The weather has been cooler and not rainy lately, so I can't complain. It's already transfers in a week and a half. I find out what happens in a week. Maybe I'll leave? I'll have been here in Buc for 4 and a half months! I wonder where I'll go.... It's been a blast being a trainer and having a boboc. Transfers just keep going faster and faster. Ce sa fac?

   It's good that the family is doing well. Tell Camron and Rurika I say hi and felicitari! (congrats). I hope work is all going well. School's starting up again! I'm sure everyone going to BYU is gonna have some fun. It's good to hear that Elder Gunter (I mean Leckie) is there now! Hopefully I'll see him around by the time I get back. Any other big news? Thanks mom and dad for the pics of your trip and Zion. Looks pretty. I'll be awaiting that package mom! Thanks for everything you send. Well, I'm about done. I'm doing well. Buc is fun. I'll find out about transfers next week! I love you all. Have a good one. Ciao! Love, Elder Lee

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