Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, November 7, 2011

Craiova - City of Wonders!

Dear dragi frati si surori (si prieteni si familie):

   Good Monday to you. It's been another whole week in Craiova, city of wonders. The weather has been pretty good, not too cold. I wonder when it will start snowing. It's getting to the middle of November. Last year in Bacau, it first snowed in the last week of November. The time change makes things a little more dark a little earlier. It gets dark here at like 5:45 or 6. Kinda bummerish, but it's making us do more blocs! We have permission to do our langauage study at night if we don't do it in the morning, so we've been doing that lately. Elder Rasmussen and I are getting along fine. He's a funny guy. He went to a year at Utah State University (if I haven't said this yet) He said he really enjoyed it. He rode a bike there, and said he even rode it around in the middle of winter! He's into philosophy, so he's a smart guy. I'm not too into deep stuff like that, but we still get along, for the most part.

   Well, some stupid news. We still haven't found an apartment to move into yet. We've looked at a number of apartments, and have even tried moving into 3, but each of the landlords do not agree with our contract. As I said before, we can only use our contract (the church's). They all have said they don't like how it's written or they don't agree with some of the items in it. So, we're still looking. We may also try to look through a different agency. It's been a little frustrating. By the time we got the call from the agency worker saying for the 2nd or 3rd time:" Proprietarul nu ii place contractul vostru" (the landlord doesn't like your contract), we just kinda laughed. I wonder if any landlord will accept our contract here in Craiova. I think our contract is just fine. Anyways, it's been alright with all of us 4 in the same apartment. Oh yeah, the washer does work now and has worked for a little while now, so that's good.

   Missionary work is going. We've been meeting with our 2 main investigators, Alin and Gina. Alin still needs to quit smoking and come to church more, and Gina needs to decide when exactly she wants to be baptized. They're both awesome people. It's been fun working with them. We're trying to find more people through english class, referrals, and bloc knocking. The other elders are going to have a baptism next Saturday. They've been working with an awesome family from Slatina (an hour out of Craiova). The 2 kids were just baptized before I got here, and now the wife is going to be baptized. Cool stuff. The mission got one baptism in Iasi this last week, with a good number of baptismal dates too. President and Sora Hill are doing awesome and I think just got done or are about finished with their mission interview tour. There's nothing big planned concerning mission-wide trips or get-togethers, as far as I know. The transfer's really going fast. It's already been 4 out of the 6 weeks! I feel like I've gotten worse at Romanian in the past few weeks. I think it's because of a lack of quiet study time at my own desk in my own apartment. Also, we haven't been talking to as many people (compared to all the people I talked to in the summer--in parks and such), so I hope I keep doing diligent language studies and get better again.

   Well, that's about all in this neck of the woods. It's good to hear from home. I'm excited for Elder Tyler Lee. He's coming home real soon (like 2 weeks!) I'm excited for the Matts. Hope they love the MTC like I did. Mom, I still hope you get feeling better. I guess it's nice you don't have too much work this week. I hope you enjoy your time off work and start doing your Christmas shopping and all that. Thanks for the pretty pics of Austria and the cute pictures of kitty-Kenadee. I will keep sending you some cool pictures of Craiova.  Tell Miles I say hi and am way excited for him. I wish I could have been at the temple with him and at that Romanian meal! Just tell him that Sora Gorzo (a member) in Bucharest makes the best Romanian food ever! Well, I guess that's all I have to say about that. Va iubesc atat de mult. Have a good week. Mai vorbim. Pa!

Love, Elder Lee

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