Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, November 14, 2011

Staying Cool in Craiova

Dear family and friends:

   Good Monday. Hope you had a great week. How has the first couple weeks of November been? Here in Craiova, it's getting kinda cold. No snow yet, just that crisp, almost biting cold coming on. I am sporting my new scarf though, so I'm keeping it warm, and stylish (it's a nice black and gray plaid one purchased for 18 lei). It's almost Thanksgiving; it will happen 2 days into next transfer. So I'll see if I'll still be here. This transfer is going fast. There's just one week left. Next Monday, we'll find out transfers. It just keeps getting faster. I'm excited for Tyler coming home in just a week. He's definitely excited, I bet, and is probably at least somewhat trunky. It'll be weird when that day comes. Part of me won't want to leave, and part of me will. Don't worry though, I'm not getting trunky thinking about it...

   The week went well. Elder Rasmussen and I are still getting along. Craiova's still cool and pretty as always. We looked at 2 apartments again, and decided to move into one of them. We're gonna meet the proprietar tonight and go through our contract, to see if he likes it. We're praying that he will. Otherwise, we'll just have to tell the office elders to change some things on our contract and then try again. It's a nice apartment, literally right in the center of the city, so it'd be cool if we can get it. It's something really random to be doing, I've noticed, to be looking at random apartments to try to rent one out, speaking to agency workers and proprietars (in Romanian) in Craiova, Romania as a 20 year old American. Alas, it is what must be done.

   Missionary work is still going. We were really excited to be able to see a baptism on Saturday! It was Claudia, the other elder's investigator (whose family are all members already). She was baptized by Pres. Spooner. It was an awesome ceremony. The spirit was in rich abundance. The confirmation the next day was also awesome. A family from Mihai Bravu came to visit church here in Craiova (the Brinaru's). They're an awesome family and they remembered me from my days in Buc. It was nice to be able to see them again and talk with them a little bit. Gina, our investigator, came to the baptism and to church. She really enjoyed it. We're really excited for her, because she decided she will be baptized on the 25th of November, by my old friend, Elder Gauthier. She is ready for baptism. She's got a super solid testimony and has changed so much. I wonder which one of us will be here for her baptism, because it will take place 3 days after transfers. It's always super cool to see a baptism here. They don't happen super often, and they're really something special (even if they're not our own investigators). The branch is doing fine. Still small, but we're continuing to work with the less actives. There are some cool members here: Spooner's, Radulescu's, Toni, Cristina, Cristian, Alexandru, Sora Panduru and her 2 awesome kids, Viorel, and more. We hope to keep helping the branch grow and keep finding new people that will help to grow it.

   That's about it in my neck of the woods. It sounds like things at home are going well. I hope the fam's doing well. Thanks, mom, for sending me that package. I still haven't gotten it, but most likely will get it at transfers. That's scary to hear about Matt and his family. It's really amazing that they weren't hurt at all. God sure does protect His missionaries (even those who aren't quite at the MTC yet!) How's work mom and dad? Finally getting over that cold, mom? Hopefully. I heard that BYU won their game. That's good. But I hear Riley Nelson is injured. Is that bad? How's Jake Heaps doing? They should win their next game. Mom and dad, I hope you guys enjoy going to Utah and being there for Thanksgiving time. Are you actually going to be there at the airport for Tyler's homecoming? If so, tell him I say hi, that I love him, and that I congratulate him for completing his full-time mission!!! Well, I don't think there's anything else. Have a good week!

Love, Elder Lee

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