Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Staying in Craiova

Dear Family and Friends:

   Good day everybody. It's been another week here in Craiova. It's been going well. The weather has gotten even colder. It's not snowy yet, but it's been gray and a little nasty outside the past 2 days. It's getting towards the end of November. That means the holidays are about here. Oh yeah, that reminds me. I'll be staying here in Craiova with Elder Rasmussen for this next transfer. So, I'll be here for all of the Holidays. This next transfer will go to January 4th or something. I'm excited to stay. It'll be really cool and pretty with snow all over in a little while. Elder Kopsa's going to Sibiu, Elder Abbott is staying, and guess who's coming in with him? Elder Veenendaal! Yep. My old office elder and zone leader in Buc will come in, but just for the first 3 weeks of the transfer. He and 2 others are going home early for Christmas. So, when he leaves, either Elder Rasmussen or Elder Abbott will probably leave to Galati, where Elder Schank is for his last 3 weeks. Transfers are looking good. The mission had 4 baptisms this last week and there are 20 baptismal dates in the mission. We were told not to look for an apartment any more for a few weeks, because they said the mission has a lack of funds or something to allow a new apartment to be opened. So, we'll just do whatever they say.

   We have been doing alright in Craiova. We have just had a little lack of lessons and new investigators. We have been putting a good amount of focus on Gina, the one who's getting baptized this Friday. She's basically ready! She has the interview on Thursday and the baptism on Friday. We still need to make the program. We got a cool template sent to us from the office. We're excited for her and her baptism coming up. Otherwise, we don't really have many other investigators that are progressing. We have found a few cool people to set up with though, including Paula, a really cool lady who has come to church here twice, both times with visitors from Buc. She lives here in Craiova. We have her number and we'll try and meet with her. Oh yeah, more people came from Buc yesterday at church. The Dragoi's, Mateescu's, and Fratele Paun! It was cool to see them, especially Fratele Paun (I'd always visit him and his daughter in Buc). He's doing well. Church was good. Pres. Dragoi (1st or 2nd counselor in the Buc District presidency) and Frat. Mateescu spoke in Sacrament. After, The Radulescu's prepared a meal for us missionaries and Bro. Spooner. They made us turkey ciorba and a good turkey potato casserole with cranberry cake for the dessert. They live in a nice, cozy villa. Sora Panduru came with her 2 adorable kids. It was good to see her. Pres Spooner is gong to leave home on December 14th. We'll have a Christmas party on the 3rd of December. I'm not sure what we're doing for Thanksgiving. If no one has us over to eat, then we'll just count that meal at the Radulescu's as an early Thanksgiving meal.

   Well, everything else is going well. I'm so excited for Elder Lee. I hope he has a safe flight and gets adjusted to real life again. It'll be exciting for him. I hope everyone's doing well back at home. Thanks for the news about BYU. They better keep winning! I am still awaiting that package. It'll probably be at the gara on transfer day. I think I'll be staying with Elder Abbott here and Elder Rasmussen will get Elder Veenendaal, so they'll pick up mail and supplies for us. I hope you enjoy Utah and being with family mom and dad! Give Tyler a huge hug for me! Let me know any other big or interesting news. Have a good week! Buh-bye!

Love, Elder Lee

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