Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Holidays are upon us

Dear Family and Friends:

   Buna. It's me. I'm sorry I'm a bit late with this email, but I kinda ran outta time yesterday to do this. For P-day yesterday, us 4 decided to go to Alexandria. Elder Veenendaal wanted to buy a couple of suits before he goes home, and Elder Abbott got one too. Don't worry. I didn't buy another one. However, I tried on a sweet gray one and liked it. Maybe later...Mom and dad, I was thinking it would be fun, if you did pick me up, to go to this infamous suit factory in Alexandria. I wonder if dad would like the euro look. I'd like to go home with at least another one anyways. Well, we had a good day. We took a train at 7 in the morning to a small city called Rosiori, then hit up a maxi taxi to Alexandria. We met up with Elder Benson and Horgmo who are serving there, and went to the suit place and had really good food at a restaurant called Rovi's. It was fun to hang around with them. Alexandria is small and doesn't really have anything super amazing to do. On the way back to Craiova, I got a bad headache and had a nasty stomach ache. I guess it's because I didn't eat breakfast? I survived the train ride back, and when we got home, I took a hot shower and went to bed a little bit early. I feel fine now! It was fun I guess.

   It's been a good week here. Craiova's awesome as always. It was actually kinda warmer the past 2 days here, which is nice. It's fun to be around Elder Veenendaal, and he's excited to be going home very soon (Dec. 14). He's going home early for Christmas with a few other missionaries, and when he leaves, I believe I will be here with Elder Abbott with Elder Rasmussen going to Galati. Craiova will be a 2-missionary city until February, when more elders finally come in. There have only been sisters coming in recently, and a number of very young-in-the-mission soras have to train! Fun stuff! I had a great time training and I think it would be fun to do it again. We still have to live in the same apartment for 2 more weeks. It's going alright. I'm happy to stay here in Craiova for the Holidays. It's almost December! There has been no snow yet... It's been good with Elder Rasmussen. We're still getting along fine. Right now, we're getting out lots of english cards before the classes start up again. BREAKING NEWS: We had a baptism last Saturday! Gina got baptized! It was a great ceremony. Elder Gauthier came down with his mom (they're on a little mission tour) and he performed the baptism. Gina was happy and so were we all. I'm glad for her decision, and it's cool to see how the Gospel has literally changed her life. The gospel's true! We've been blessed to have 4 baptisms in Craiova in just 3 months: Gina, Claudia, and Claudia's 2 children. It was fun to see Elder Gauthier one more time and say bye. It's so crazy how it's been a year since we first met. I'll miss him. He's one of the first missionaries I ever met here in Romania. Elder Rasmussen and I are working with Paula. We still haven't met with her a second time, but this week, I hope we do. She's really cool. She's read some of the BOM and told us she reads it when she feels angry or upset. She couldn't make it to church last Sunday, but she did make it to Gina's baptism! Otherwise, we need to find more investigators.

   Church was good. We had Viorel and Sora Panduru come (with her adorable little boy and girl), who are both less-active members. Viorel even came earlier and passed the sacrament! Elder Rasmussen and Toni gave talks. Cristina, Toni's girlfriend, taught a great Sunday school lesson on how we need to be thankful to God, and have faith in him in order to see miracles and be redeemed. The Radulescu's invited us over for food again! They prepared ciorba, potato-turkey casserole, sarmale, and some good little cakes and hot-cross bun thingies. They also had the best tea I've ever had (don't worry, it's not against the W. of W.) It was called sunatoare or something, and they put in some apple stuff and cherry syrup. Super sweet and tasty. I love their little home. It's so comfy and it feels like grandpa and grandma's when I walk in! Oh yeah I almost forgot Thanksgiving meal! It was good. Us 4 just made it at home. We had chicken with a good herb sauce in sauteed peppers and onions. We made garlic mashed potatoes and buttered carrots, with caramel-vanilla ice cream and microwaved chocolate swiss rolls for dessert! We made root beer too! Snap! It was so tasty! I was really full after. I hope you guys all had a good turkey day!

   Mom and dad, I'm glad things were fun in Utah for Thanksgiving. Man, I wish I could have seen Tyler come home! I'm sure Kim was excited! Sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you had fun at Chris and Liz's. Sounds like she made a lot of good food. I got that little thanksgiving package! Thanks. I like the Hershey's licorice. I wonder what I'll be getting for Christmas...haha. Anyways. I'm glad things are going well here in Craiova and there at home. I hope you all have a good week. We'll talk. Ciao!

Love, Elder Lee

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