Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I hope my trainer is doing ok?

Well howdy ! How is everyone? I'm doing well like always! I hope you're all doing well and stuff! This past week has been a little unique, I guess, but I have still enjoyed it. Heres what happened in a nutshell:
   Sooo, up till this last Tuesday, me and Elder Martineau have been doing fine and talking to some people and contacting and what not. Then on Tuesday, after studies, he started to feel a pain in his lower right back. It then proceeded to become very painful, and he didn't know what it was. He callled Sora Lundberg to tell her, and it just kept getting worse. He finally thought it must be kidney stones or something. So the rest of that day, he was in a hot bath just in stinging pain and eventually, i took him to some sketchy emergency room in Bacau because we had no other choice. I waited for him and later, he found out that he indeed had kidney stones. They just hadn't passed in a quick manner. He got pills and stuff to help him, but days later, the pain was just still there and constant. So, on Friday, we took a train to Bucuresti and we stayed at the Lundberg's home for the weekend. He got some proper treatment there and more medicine. However, I am now in Bacau, while Elder Martineau is still there till at least Wednesday. The stones still have't passed. I'm back in Bacau with Elder Gunter as my new companion. President Lundberg switched up some companionships in Ploiesti and Pitesti and evened up the numbers so I could come back here and now we have a different elder, Elder Bateman, who is now comps with Elder Gauthier. Time to starts the work again! I've kinda had a few days "off" to help take care of Elder Martineau. Staying at the Lundberg's was very nice though. They made us meals for each day we were there. I thanked them a ton!!! I hope lder Martineau can pass those stones and feel better. If he does, he will serve in a threesome in Pitesti I think until he is done with his mission (He only has 3 more weeks left). So that was my past week! Fun huh!

   So now, I'll try and answer some questions:

   Elder Martineau's first name is Kade (from Tree Monton Utah) He has 3 weeks left. Elder Gunter's first name is Leckie (from South Carolina) he has 8 months left i think, Elder Gauthier's first name is Robert (from Mesa AZ) He entered the MTC the same day as Tyler Lee. I am in the Galati Zone, and it is comprised of Iasi, Bacau, and Galati. There are I think, 10 elders and 4 sisters or something in the zone?? I dont know for sure. We have a zone conference this saturday. Elder Martineau did serve with Elder Davis, who died in January. Elder Fonnesbeck is here and he is in Pitesti. So far, I have oly eaten out at KFC twice, McDonalds once, and I have baught 2 Shaormas. Each day, we get up and do personal study, comp study, language study, go out and contact or teach, come back for lunch, go out and teach or contact, then come back in at 9 at night. then we plan our next day. Repeat. Im in a different apartment with Ekder Gunter, and its pretty nice. I got to go to church at Bucuresti in a bigger newer chapel in the Panduri area. There were about 40 or 50 members there, and it felt more like the church I know! I also saw Elders Mikolyski and Green from my MTC district. We plan to have a little thanksgiving dinner in our next district meeting, or at zone conference, i dont know. For my first P day, we went bowling and looked at shops at a mall here, then had KFC for lunch. That's about all I can think of responding to right now.

    So anyways, that's about all. I'm becoming better acquaintances with the members and investigators here. Its a nice city. Im excited to be with Elder Gunter for the next 3 weeks, until the transfer ends. Its pretty common here that you stay in your first area for the 2nd transfer, so we'll see if I do or not! Elder Martineau was a great trainer, and I may not see him again before he leaves. I am excited to continue working here. I really have nothing else to say because I've kinda been away from the work because of Elder Martineau's problem. I'm still not understanding what people say, but I'm getting there. I just need to speak a lot! Sorry for the lack of interesting stories or spiritual stories or whatever. Next week I'll have some! Stay tuned.

   Well, its good to hear that the family and ward is doing well! I am about done with this email. Keep up the good work everyone! I hope you all do well and I'll talk next week!!! Cu dragoste, Elder Lee.

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