Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thankgiving in Bacau!

Buna Ziua! Howdy! How is everyone? How goes good ol' Redlands, CA? I've had a great week (it went by fast too). My new companion, Elder Gunter, is awesome. He's a great trainer. He's also the branch president AND our district leader here in Bacau. Props to him. It's been great here talking to people and teaching our investigators. And of course, Thanksgiving! yay. Let's talk about stuff.
    So this past week, I got to move into a nicer apartment with Elder Gunter. We've been keeping busy and contacting and holding some lessons. We have a few investigtors here: Mihaiela (a 14 year old girl with a baptismal date on Dec. 4), Edi (a late 20's man who has a baptismal date for Dec. 18th) and Alex (an early 20's dude with a baptismal date on Dec. 18th). They're all awesome people and so far, are committed to come to church and prepare to be baptized. Of course, we have lessons to teach them before that day. Aside from that, we have contacted people. Some are un-interested because they claim they were born Orthodox and will die Orthodox, but some are sincere and are interested. I like my district here: Me, Gunter, Elder Bateman, and Elder Gauthier. We get along really well. For Thanksgiving day, we had a district meeting and also cooked up a tasty turkey, Stove top stuffing, and some mashed taters....and it was flipping delicious. I felt like I was home! I am thankful for Stove Top.

   I also had my first Zone Conference. It was awesome. We travelled down to Bucuresti, stayed in a nice hotel for the night, then the next morning it was held in the Panduri chapel. It was our Galati zone with the Buc. West zone and Arad zone. I got to see almost all of my MTC district. We also heard from President Lundberg and his wife, and the area 70 of this area. I forgot his name (Elder Shtari?). I think he was Norwegian or something. We had Dominoes pizza for lunch. We heard some important stuff about the Spirit and about how to be better at planning and goal setting. Then, we were already on a train back to Bacau. I've already been on that train 5 times now! That adds up to like 25 hours!
   The weather here is getting cold. It snowed for like 2 days, but now its just rainy again. I'm pretty sure it will snow for realz in the next few days. It's not too cold yet. I heard Utah is pretty freezing however.

   The branch is doing well. I just had my second church here, and 10 people came (2 of them being investigators.) They are pretty cool people, and I'm still getting to know them more. Bacau is really a good city. I like it here.

    So one cool thing: the one investigator, Alex, was actually contacted by Elder Gunter and Elder Mathis (our Zone leader) and he called Elder Gunter later on and told him that he read the Intro to the Book of Mormon and cried. He cried! He said he felt something he never has felt before while reading it. That's pretty cool I guess. He set  his own baptismal date, and we will teach him more soon. May I say, "miracle!"

    Well, that's about it for now. Keep keeping it real! Ciao for now! -Elder Lee

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