Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome to Snowy Bacau!

 Hey what up y'all? I apologize from the depths of my heart for the lack of my email last week. It's because the stupid email didn't send because I put some pictures in it as well. It decided not to work. This time I'll try to send pics in a separate email. So please don't worry about my welfare. I am fairing quite well.

   Soooo, this past week went pretty dang fast. It has officially started snowing here. The day after Thanksgiving it snowed, then melted. Then this past Wednesday, it "iced" meaning it snowed ice. But finally, the past 2 or 3 days, it started snowing for realz. I love the snow, or zapada, as we call it here. It's really not too cold. The ground sure is slippery though. Bacau is still keeping it real for me. We've been talking to a few peeps that have a baptismal date established on Dec. 18. They are: Mihai, Petronela, Mihaiela, Edi, and Daniel. Right now, none of them are "certain" except like 2. The people and investigators are hugely weefy here (meaning not committed and just blow you off for the most part.) But some really are promising. On Wednesday, Elder Gunter and I had exchanges with the AP's (assistants to President). I worked with Elder Boynton, who is a studly missionary. Elder Gunter worked with Elder Lyon. With Elder Boynton, I got a lot done and was super busy all day, even in the snowiness. They both go home this transfer (same time as Sora Holden and Elder Martineau). (By the way, I HAVE seen Sora Holden 3 times). The AP's gave us a challenge to try to find those (from the area book) who are potential investigators or dropped investigators and get back in touch with them. I enjoy doing this, except for the fact that they're all pretty weefy. English classes are going well too. I enjoy teaching Romanians English. English is so easy. But it also doesn't make much sense if you think about it. This past Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. We fasted specifically for Daniel (who speaks fluent English) to be baptized, because he's been around missionaries for a while but this is the first time he's a progressing investigator. We hold daily chats with him and talk about the Book of Mormon. He is 18 or 19 and he's really cool. I'm also teaching myself how to play piano on our little Yamaha keyboard in our rented out church building while Branch President Gunter does his Branch President stuff in his office. I'm learning where the chords are and I am surprising myself. Oh how I miss guitar...

   As I think about it, Christmas is getting very close. I'm excited to have Christmas here. Mom and dad, I hope you have fun by your lonesomes for Christmas. I haven't gotten that package yet, I figure it's just sitting in the mission office in Buc. Oh yeah, In the centru (center) here Saturday night, we saw a sweet little thang goin' down with people singing christmas songs on a little stage (singing in english but with a romanian accent, which sounds hilarious) and a little crowd of peeps with SCARY Romanian clowns and people dressed up like snowmen and reindeer. It was pretty sweet. I assume that the clowns and snowmen and reindeer dudes were there to entertain little chitlin's (children) but to me, they were just creepers walking around. It felt like Christmas that night!

   Hmm, what else, Oh yeah, Sunday church was cool, because all 10 of us (members and missionaries) bore our testimonies. AND, some random old lady that comes to English classes got up and bore her "testimony" about "oh, I am so thankful for these wonderful handsome young boys who teach me english so well. They are examples to our youth here." blah blah blah. It was kinda funny, because she's not a member yet, She's actually not even an investigator yet, but I guess the Spirit prompted her to get up and speak, even if it wasn't really what we members would call a testimony....Which reminds me, a testimony consists of the things you know to be true. It's NOT a thank-imony, its not a story-imony, its not a love-imony. It's simply a testimony. There's lots of people who like to rant on and on about some story or something, but me, I just like to say what I know to be true and sit back down. So sorry, if I offend anybody, but I feel strongly about how a testimony should be born. Anyways, after church we had a brief snowball fight with the members. Some of them are really like little kids at heart. It's funny. Snow also gives us unlimited ammo in case a rabid street dog wants to attack us. Haha. So far, there have been no such dogs.

   Everything else is going foarte bine, I am getting better at speaking and understanding. In fact, a good amount of fellow missionaries say I'm actually pretty good with the language, but because I'm a humble kind of guy, I submit that I am not. My studies are going well. I'm almost done reading the book, Our Search For Happiness, by Mallard Russell Ballard (I don't know if that's really his first name, but I like to think it is.) It's a good read. I feel like just handing that book out instead of the Book of Mormon, because it's so simple yet eloquent. I recommend y'all to READ IT!

   Okie dokie, I'm done for today, maybe pictures will come, maybe not. I hope everyone is doing well and stuff. I am. I miss you and love y'all. I'll talk later. Bye bye now! Cu dragoste, Elder Lee.

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